Overman Overman is one of the fastest rising bands on the independent music scene.

Overman recently released their first EP "Charles Darwin and the Princess" now available on iTunes and Amazon.com. Overman is currently in the studio working on their first full length album, and are very excited about the future release. Further information can be found at their content filled website www.overman.info which is regularly updated.

Overman's first single off this new album: "Evolution Rocks" has already been released to a worldwide audience. "Evolution Rocks" has been featured in Skeptic Magazine, played on many local and internet Radio Stations including MPR, been used in a PBS Documentary on Evolution, has been downloaded over 30,000 times, and has been used as an teaching supplement in countless classrooms.

The Four members of Overman live and practice together in the Overhouse, a white farmhouse just outside of Chicago. The band has survived injuries, defeats, moves, girlfriends, lost members, death, and most importantly life.

Overman's songs and performances underline two basic principals: Great Music, and Fun. The bands loyal fans, the OverManiacs, have been known to take over bars with their enthusiastic cheering and dancing, as Overman's live shows always deliver.