Southern Backtones
Southern Backtones "Southern Backtones is not Southern rock. It is a sea of expansive, dark rock with the unmistakable, vampy touch of David Bowie and the indigo mood of Echo & the Bunnymen." (Houston Chronicle)

"The only way this could get any beautifully darker is if it grew black wings and flew away." (Ft. Worth Weekly)

"Alt-rock guitars, darkly poetic lyrics and a vocal style reminiscent of the mid-90s Britpop movement... The musicianship and songwriting on this effort are top notch. Highly recommended."(Exclaim! Canada's Music Authority)

"Smacks of mass appeal!" (Houston Press)

"If U2 came from Texas and were weaned on The Cult's big-guitar panoramas they would be called the Southern Backtones and they would rock." (

"A must see of local music." (Daily Cougar)

"Rich sounding well crafted rockers." (

"The Southern Backtones have songs that the Killers and Strokes would kill for." (

"Excellent CD! Highest recommendation." (The Scene Magazine)