Fungus Amungus
Fungus Amungus Hailing from Providence, RI, this 6pc whiskey-funk band will be releasing their 2nd full length studio album in May 2011, The decision to make the leap from digital and record this one on Analog tape was an easy one says sax player Jarod Valenti "We are looking to make a throwback funk album...something different, we wanted to capture the sound of old jazz/funk records like Merl Saunders" They have been working with longtime analog genius Jack Gauthier who has recorded all of Dispatch's albums.

To describe what goes down at a live fungus show is something he says can change from night to night but typically speaking he says you'll see "lots of raised glasses and shaking asses." With other reviews of the band's live shows: "More funk than a drunk lunch lady with a skunk in her trunk", "Better than bad sex" & "Its like Parliament and Sublime got together for an all night dance party" this surely seems like quite the party! Be sure to catch these fun-guys'n gal throwin it down on the festival circuit or in your own city or town.