StraddleDaddy StraddleDaddy's electrified sound and energized stage show make the US deficit look like the five spot your friend has owed you since the band started lighting up small venues in 2002. Slowly evolving the bands original blend of sing-along hooks and rippin' guitar riffs has been a mission that the band takes seriously and keeps audiences coming back for more. There are few musical acts that can hypnotize the crowds while playing at some of New England's biggest Jam band festivals and also gain the title of Homegrown Band of the Week on WCCC, CT's rock radio station. The release of StraddleDaddy's second full length studio Album, Moxie on Fire, and the integration of a new beat-boxing badass bass player have made 2007 one of the bands best years so far. Watch out!!! Though the boys may be smokin' now - the future surely holds flames for Connecticut's Premiere Original Party Rock Outfit.

StraddleDaddy call themselves:
Hypes - Lead Vocals
Syme - FlowMaster
Dave Collins - Guitar & Vocals
Craze - Lead Guitar & vocals
Brandon Warren - Drums & Vocals
Shawn Larochelle - Bass & Beat Box