Simplified It's evident after only a listen or two, that Simplified's members truly possess a unique and endearing vibe. Clee Laster, the band's six foot seven front man, controls the reins on a remarkable vocal style featuring a nearly percussive timbre but heavy on the rock influence. Laster also plays a mean acoustic guitar, a perfect backdrop for the rich textures and ethereal string antics of electric guitarist, Chris Sheridan, who understands a simple,tasteful approach works best. Chris Lynch (bass) focuses brilliantly on a satisfying backbeat and Tim Lail (drums), confidently anchors the band, providing grounded, signature beats. Simplified takes up where genre benders stop short, expanding cleverly on music that sounds familiar, but is decidedly different. The music trips down a path of neatly packaged and delivered lyrics combined with innovative musicianship. Simplified is a spirited journey focusing on the undeniable adage of strength in numbers and it is this dynamic that is the band's most intriguing element.

With a growing tour itinerary and a fan base that increases daily, Simplified is on the cusp of a bright quest, bringing a dose of magic and musical brilliance to new fans and friends worldwide.