STRUT "Strut's long awaited second release is finally here! 'Non-Hostile Takeover' is

15 slammin tracks that conveys the evolution and versatility of this genre crossing band. Moving seamlessly from funk to ska-punk to rock, creating a sound only to be described as STRUT. The album has a host of several guest musicians including: vocals by Mary Ellen Bush & Allison King of Ménage, Banjo by Hollywood Red, Horns by members of Fusebox Funk and keys by the phenomenal Chris Spies. Strut and company keeps the listener constantly moving and always guessing for what's coming next..."

Strut has been wowing crowds for the past several years with their always-evolving style and unique blend of Ska, Rock and Funk. In 2005 the band toured non- stop, playing nearly 130 shows promoting their sound from cross-country tours to the Virgin Islands and three amazing sets at last year's Bonnaroo Festival. The New Year has already showed much promise as well. Strut is releasing the new album at the end of January and have already had music played on MTV's reality series "Meet the Barkers" with more of the new album to be featured on the show throughout the season.

Though they've been in the mountains of Asheville, NC since 1999, the group's cohesiveness began long ago. The members of Strut can thank their airtight sound and musicianship on knowing each other since they were toddlers. The whole band grew up playing together on the famous commune turned intentional community, The Farm (check out in Summertown, TNMusical Guest. Growing up at a place such as The Farm set the stage for a wide variety of musical genres they were exposed to. So depending on the night and the crowd, Strut will dip in to their bag of rhythm and pull out whatever feels right for the moment. The Strut sound has been categorized in everything from Funk, to Jam-band, to Ska-Punk. But thanks to their many years together, Strut has merged into an intuitive, super-tight machine wherein no one sound dominates, though one objective does...everyone in the room is moving!

Strut is made up of brothers Casey (guitar) and Elijah Cramer (bass/vocals), Biko Casini (percussion/vocals), Agent Ishi (vocals) and Patrick Thomas (drums). With their amazing displays of telepathy with each other and the crowd, Strut is sure to leave you tired and smiling.