Big Spoon
Big Spoon Big Spoon formed in 1996 when Will and Peter made a simple recording at Johnny's "Brickyard" studio of some of Peter's originals and some jazz standards as a gift for Mike's wedding. The name "Big Spoon" was created as a metaphor for the way the voices fit together - like a pair of spoons (there's also a reference to Sam Perkins from the Sonics, but that's kind of geeky).

By 1997, Mike, Johnny, and Rick joined the band and regular gigs were had at regular Seattle haunts like The Tractor Tavern, Madisons, Fremont Fair, Folklife, and the Raindancer. Big Spoon's debut release "Primordial Soup" in 1999 got some recognition with air play of "Are You Still Listening" on KMTT 103.7 The Mountain. Big Spoon shared the stage with the Allman Brothers NASCAR tour at Portland Meadows and at the AT&T Summer Nights at the Pier in Seattle.

With the addition of Jan in 1998, Johnny was free to play more lead guitar and started contributing his own compositions that complemented Peter's mellower tunes with an edgier sound. The band's second release, "Crazy Truth" in 2001, produced by Troy Glessner, showcases Will on vocals, Johnny on lead guitar, and cemented the band's jammy, folk-rock sound.

Over the next 4 years, Big Spoon played gigs from Bellingham to Olympia, with occasional forays to the San Juan Islands and the Methow Valley. Big Spoon opened up for "The Clumsy Lovers" at the Crocodile Cafe and "The Paperboys" at the Tractor. In 2004 Big Spoon started recording "Moon and Stars", this time back in the Brickyard under the ever increasing skill of Johnny at the audio controls.

Then in 2005, Peter moved to Santa Cruz and effectively ended the great run of shows. But the recording of "Moon and Stars" continued and now in 2010, it is finally done. Stay tuned for a reunion concert in Seattle sometime this spring!