Qwiksand If Shaft was living in southern California and he invited Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix over for dinner, Orange County quartet QWIKSAND would make a groovy side-dish. QWIKSAND are no stranger to party's, especially when it comes to spreading positive vibes with their music. When guitarist Ras, wrote "Concrete Cowboy" about draining and skating a backyard pool while his neighbor was on vacation, little did the band know that in less than 2 years, QWIKSAND would be packing shows across the western and midwest regions with hundreds of radio stations now behind them. With captivating live performances and a unique and original sound that mixes surf, funk, reggae, rock, QWIKSAND has continued to grow in popularity earning the love, support and respect of fans across the US while gathering solid reviews, national charting, interviews, press coverage, television appearances, film soundtracks, and airplay on Alternative, AAA, Hot AC Commercial and College Radio Stations in over 200 cities throughout the US, Canada and UK. The band was originally formed in 2003 and was named QWIKSAND to honor those who've drowned surfing a dangerous wave called the "Wedge" in Newport Beach California. Drummer Chuy Vidales, bassist Erim Kardes and vocalist Terry Sahale have now joined original guitarist/songwriter RAS to take the group to new heights.