Tim Conley
Tim Conley Tim's philosophy has always been that "the sum is greater then the parts." He holds this true in all aspects of his art. "I am an improviser interacting with other artists and the environment." Tim says. "I am a composer of musical instruments and devices, creating melodic paintings of multiple colors and sounds. I am a listener to my fellow artists, the world inside us and around us. I am a teacher of musical concepts, philosophies and art. I am humble to be a part of the artistic tradition and community which stretches the globe." Tim feels that it is in these collaborations and "sum of parts" that true artistic, spiritual and physical evolution occurs.

In 2002 Tim founded the Jazz-Fusion Quartet Ocean Exposition, later recording an album by the same name. Ocean Exposition is a concept group/album of compositions inspired by the Ocean, it's Metaphors and Tim's own personal childhood growing up on a boat. "The `Ocean' represents life, evolution and motion. The unpredictability of the Ocean in Time and Space. The `Exposition' is the gathering and display of these parts into one big piece of music. Most of the compositions are connected in some way, either borrowing melodies, grooves, or progressions from one another or simply by connecting one song or improvisation into the next." says Conley. The group consisted of Jon Thompson, Jason Fraticelli and Joe Falcey.

In 2007 Tim helped create the powerhouse collaborative group "As Human" (originally kilo) featuring Ryat, Dion Paci, Tony Catastrophe and Ocean Exposition alum and close friend Jason Fraticelli. As Human relied heavily on each members ability to improvise as well as composing songs as a unit. The group released their first full length album titled "Kilo" in 2008.

Tim has collaborated and been a full time member with many groups since including, Grimace Federation, Ryat, Phillybloco, Sinking Ship and Electric Jellyfish. As well as performing, recording or collaborating with artists such as Brian Marsella, Mike Watt, John Barrios, Calvin Weston, Aaron Dugan, Ryat, Chris Wood, Joe Ashlar, Doug Hirlinger, Tim Keiper, Jon Lee, Jason Smart, Mark Guiliana, Taylor McFerrin, Nigel Sifantus, John Stenger, Ricardo Lagomasino, Tom Spiker, Bernie Worell, Gina Ferrera, Marco Benevento, Elliot Levin, Wilbo Wright, Cedric Jensen, Captain Kram. Tim is currently busy working on another "Ocean Exposition esque" type concept album, the second "As Human" record, the much anticipated debut "Ryat" record and another "Grimace Federation" album. As well as composing for movie scores including 2009's "20th Century Boy".