Calf Mountain Jam
Calf Mountain Jam The originiation of Calf Mountain Jam goes back to 1994 when Ben Reade, Brian Massie, and Justin Shifflett began playing together. The band grew in 1998 with Jason Critzer, and the band picked the name of Calf Mountain Jam. Having found a lineup and a name that worked, they quickly developed in a local favorite and sights were layed on spreading beyond the Shenandoah Valley from which the band is based. Following a series of out of state runs up and down the eastern seaboard, and finally a studio album, One Arm On The Wheel, the lineup grew again with Bobby Menkedick in the fall of 2005. Calf Mountain Jam's sound can be called progressive jam rock, but it draws on a vast array of influences, including folk, rock, blues, jazz, funk, and reggae. With an album under their belt, a short tour with Tea Leaf Green, more exposure, and bigger and better venues to play, Calf Mountain Jam is headed for many more exciting times to come.

Ben Reade (Lead Guitar, Vocals, Song Writer) is from the homegrown town of Waynesboro, VA. He has been pickin' and grinnin' for ten years now and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. The main influences that drive his playing are musicians like the late Duane Allman, Trey Anastasio, Roy Buchanan, and John Prine. Ben uses only Fender guitars and amps. In his spare time he travels to catch live music vibes anywhere the four winds may blow.

Brian Massie (Bass) is 25 years old, from Waynesboro, VA. He plays a Yamaha 5- string and a Carvin 6-string bass. His influences included Nathan East, Vic Wooten, and Marcus Miller. He's been playing bass for 12 years and can even play the tuba (very well, we're told).

Jason Critzer (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) is from Staunton, VA. He is 26 years old. His influences in music stem from blues legends like Buddy Guy, Freddie King, and Albert Collins, and also from various bands including The Grateful Dead, Phish, and the Allman Brothers. As for rhythm guitar, Jason says his biggest influence is Bob Weir who, "Redefined the meaning of rhythm guitar". In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, being outdoors, and rooting for the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Redskins.

Justin Shifflett (Drums) was born and raised in Waynesboro, VA. His interest in playing the drums began at a very young age when he spent some of his time playing on pots and pans. He now plays on a Tama set with Zildjian cymbals. His influences consist of Neil Pert, Jon Fishman, Terry Bozzio, and Bill Kreutzmann. When he is not playing the drums, he is busy promoting and booking. He also enjoys seeing live music, hiking, and hanging out.

Bobby Menkedick (Keyboards, , Vocals, Trombone) is from Roanoke, VA. He plays a Kurzweil PC88 piano, Hammond XK2 organ, and trombone. His two biggest keyboard influences are Page McConnell and Kyle Hollingsworth, but his general influences span from Phish, moe., Karl D, and Keller Williams, to Bill Evans, Leo Kottke, Stevie Wonder, and Talking Heads. Along with listening to and seeing live music, he enjoys hiking, fishing, cooking, and zombies.