Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers
Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers Bluegrass music is now almost 60 years old, and it has become clear that within the music there are only a small handful of major stylists. Larry Sparks is one of the few who has created a style while remaining true to the best traditions of bluegrass.

Larry began his career at the top of his profession when he worked with the Stanly Bros. and Ralph Stanley during the late 60’s. He formed the Lonesome Ramblers in 1969, and began a recording career that to date has produced many albums and has established him as one of the top names in Bluegrass.

Larry’s style of singing and playing are among the most copied in bluegrass. Based on rock solid rhythm and with driving support from the Lonesome Ramblers, his guitar playing is legendary for his hot solos and “lonesome” instrumentals. Furthermore, Larry’s singing, a long highlight of the band, has earned him the reputation of “The Most Soulful Voice in Bluegrass.” Credits like that only come with a high degree of talent, professionalism, and many long years of excellence.

Since the birth of Bluegrass festivals in 1966, Larry and the Lonesome Ramblers have played all across the country during the summer, busy with festivals and park show. During the winter months, the band stays busy and with a full schedule of college concerts and other indoor shows. A Larry Sparks show is always a delightful combination of good humor and good music.

If bluegrass music is to survive as a living and creative style of music, then it will be through the perseverance and musical integrity of musicians like Larry Sparks.