skullcap Skullcap is: Ben Wallick- Bass, vocals, keys Bryan Hersh- drums and percussion AJ Blander- guitar, vocals, madolin, keys were a couple of brooklyn- based dudes that like to get together and jam. For those of you people out there that have to categorize everything you hear, we guess we'd be under jazzy-funky progressive jamband with heavy r&b influences--in other words "dork rock". Our main influences are, as of now, pat metheny, led zeppelin, arena rock, beatles, van halen, te 'dead and the brothers, along with a lot of others we just can't remember at the top of our head. remember the skullcap philosophy, no gig is too small(or too big for that matter). Be sure to come back too check out our set lists, repitioue (i didnt spell it right and originals.