Vagabond Opera
Vagabond Opera Vagabond Opera Features an all star west coast cast of Taarka Bassist Jason Flores on upright Bass, Eric stern (Opera singer for the DECEMBERISTS) on operatic tenor and accordion, March Fourth Marching band's Saxophonists Robin Jackson and Leslie Kernochan on sax and voice, Jazz Cellist Skip Von kuske (pink Martini, myshkin, stolen sweets)and Percussionist Mark Burdon (Mat maneri, Boka Marimba)

Vagabond Opera is a Fellow Originator of the new Ethnic Cabaret Bohemian Style popularized by Bands Such as Taarka, The Yard Dogs Roadshow, Devotchka, Kultur Shock, Circus contraption and Gogol Bordello

However Vagabond Opera is no imitator. Their Focus on instrumental virtuosity and improvisation coupled with daredevil showmanship centered around the operatic voice set's Vagabond Opera apart from their conteporaries. Vagabond Opera simply must be seen to be believed!

Vagabond Opera has been entertaining audiences with their unique bohemian absurdist style for the last four years. Their work is an eclectic mix comprised of original and traditional compositions, unified by an old-world mood. Elements of early Ellington, old time Parisian Jazz, Klezmer, Tango, Balkan and Arabic belly dance music mingle with Absurdist, Bohemian, Neo-Classical and European Cabaret style, all played with skill, exuberance and a gritty vagabond edge. Eric Stern, operatic tenor, accordionist, pianist, and composer, founded the band and his voice is the lead instrument and unifying thread. He is supported by Robin Jackson on tenor saxophone, Leslie Kernochan on operatic soprano, and alto saxophone, Jason Flores on upright bass, and cellist Skip vonKuske, and percussionist Mark Burdon, as they play songs about thieves, Jewish weddings, Parisian tramps and the enigmatic Marlene Dietrich. Every show is a cabaret of rich musical phrasing, sparkling lyrics and indomitable stage presence. Their musical versatility and extensive repertoire allows them to be equally at home in classical concerts, Jazz halls, contemporary cabarets, and bohemian bar stomps. Let Vagabond Opera spirit you away to the old world of travelers, tramps and wandersom buskers...