Mo Pair
Mo Pair As lead singer/guitarist for two of Austin's more interesting bands (Grass, Groovin Ground) many Austin music fans know Mo Pair as an animated, chapeau-topped rocker. His solo work is from a whole 'nuther place.

Native American chants and songs, recounts of magical journeys and of people and loves lost are ingredients in a Mo Pair stew. He is often accompanied by other sympathetic musicians and singers that add a symphonic texture to his music.

Mo has played for a living on the road, covering twenty-six states in the United States and two Canadian provinces. Mo plays guitar, electric bass, recorder, and trumpet. He was raised in a musical family and began a sincere study of music while a teenager in the mid-1980's. He enjoys the following musical styles: folk, bluegrass, country, blues, Americana, and rock. He is also a prolific songwriter and band leader. He has released nineteen albums under three different Austin, TX-based bands (Grass, Groovin Ground, and Bright Star Catalogue).