Native Just as if playing a game as child involving dice, the small, ivory cubes can be rolled any number of times to find the desired combination. The process may be tedious and take anywhere from seconds to a score of years. The same procedure can be related to baking a cake and lawn care, but we won’t touch on those today. Anyway, to follow the previous lead, the cup was shaken, the dice fell out, and a congruous combination was found. We’ve passed go, we’ve collected 200 dollars, and we have no urge to halt.

In all honesty and avoiding lengthy metaphorical comparisons (well, not completely), Ed O’Neill, Bobby Markos, Nick Glassen and Dan Evans arose from the ashes of their previously burned attempts, swept off the ashes and decided continue onward. Beginning in the summer of 2007, Native began crafting, critiquing, scrapping, reinstituting, composing, perfecting, and recording songs that would help pave their road of excursion. Currently: writing, recording, booking, touring and loving every inch, second, and friend that comes of it.