Milhouse What do you get when you combine an electric cello, electric mandolin, acoustic guitar, a homemade drum kit consisting of conga drums, snare drums, kick drum and various percussion? You get one eclectic mix of instruments whose melodies and grooves blend into an engaging ear-pleasing musical sensation called Milhouse.

- George Street Observer.

Charleston, SC- Alt/rock jamband Milhouse will return with the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut, Tales of Woe and Yay. A COLLECTION OF RARE BIRDS is the latest from the Charleston based quartet, and upon its release May 2nd Milhouse will be concentrating on promotions, radio adds, and their live performance. The songs on a collection of rare birds are intricate and filled with unique grooves, memorable hooks and dreamy melodies. Consisting of four life-long friends, Matt Herring, Dusty Painter, Lonnie Root, and Cory Jarrett, Milhouse employs a alt/rock jam bent that effortlessly combines an acoustic guitar, electric mandolin and cello, homemade drum kit, lush harmonies, and a tenor lead vocal that balances between dreamy and emotively smooth. Through it all, Milhouse manages to intertwine the evolution of classical music to the sounds of today with influences of My Morning Jacket, to Widespread Panic and The Blues Brothers.

While listening to Milhouse you will realize and come back to the beauty and art of music. It's the evolution of Bach to The Beatles.

This past January Milhouse entered Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC with respected producer Danny Kadar who is well recognized for his production and engineering for acts such as My Morning Jacket, Iggy Pop, Avett Brothers, and Arizona. The goal for the six track EP was to produce a record that will capture the live and organic chemistry of the eclectic quartet. . "We didn't hire studio musicians or add to or change our sound." Herring explains. "In the end it was me, Dusty, Cory and Lonnie; the people in this band, creating the music we love." he adds confidently," It will always be the Milhouse family."

Milhouse's immediate goal is for a collection of rare birds to be picked up by a label for the distribution necessary for nationwide touring. So far they have toured mainly in South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, California and Florida; but would love to branch out much further this time around. Milhouse has toured and played with many successful acts including Outformation, NeedtoBreathe, Zac Brown, Zach Deputy, Moses Mayfield, Chris Barron and the Time Bandits (The Spin Doctors) Tyler Ramsey, and The Blue Dogs.