Bowser Formed out of the Midwest this group of childhood friends

Come from the turbulent tides of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, Bowser is a one-of-a-kind jam band who will pack a punch in the ears of there listeners! Bowser has been pleasing audiences with gracious flows, down right dirty funkiness, and true blue rock n' roll for nearly seven years now. Thanks to the loyal legions of their fans, Bowser has been well received at various bars, clubs, and festivals throughout the state.

This group has been merging their styles for years now, culminating in a musical melting pot that is sure to please a variety of musical tastes. Original music and a diversity of cover tunes centered on a love for improvisation and experimentation keep fans coming back for more and more.

The Band Bowser has a lot of history behind them, considering most of the group have grown up together since they were preschoolers, Growing up together and playing music in various bands has lead this group to an almost mind reading ability to communicate on stage. We can improvise like the best of them. On stage is when the band is at its finest, blending songs together and stretching out there boundaries. Our leader Luke Abler is the Rock and Roll Child of Keith Abler a legendary figure from the 70’s Rock Band Sunblind Lion. He has been groomed to sing and play the guitar his whole life, so essentially he sings and plays likes the wind. Tragedy struck the band in May 2003 When Original Member and Bass Player Derrick Weiland was killed in an automobile accident. Bowser slowly moved forward at this point and continued to play on, and with some time off was able to work in another childhood friend John Selak at the Bass Position.

Bowser consists of Luke Abler (Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocalist), Owen Mooney (Keyboardist, Backing Vocalist) Jon Prigge (Harmonica, B. Vocals), John Selak (Bass, B. Vocals) and Chuck Elenbeck (Drums and Percussion).

In the past one of our members, Jon Prigge(harmonica player and vocalist for Bowser has played with Mr. W.C. Clark (godfather of the Austin City TX blues), the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Clyde Stubblefeild (The Funky Drummer), Waldo Weathers, Tab Beniot, The Chris Aaron Band, Sunblind Lion, and Groovatron.