Fetish Lane
Fetish Lane Simply put, Fetish Lane's music is folk with a big kick in the buttocks. Their music and stage presence create an uplifting, danceable atmosphere. The lyrics are often delivered through powerful three part harmonies and are backed by a dueling percussion section that produces huge dynamics and provides an energetic visual display of movement and rhythm to the performance. Who are they? Members include John Edick on acoustic guitar, Ken Held on acoustic guitar, and Ed Gliha on bass. The percussion section consists of two drummers: Israel Lorimer and O.J. Levesque alternate between drums, congas, and other assorted percussion instruments ranging from cow bells to washboards. Where do they play? Fetish Lane performs at festivals, cafes, and clubs located primarily in the Northeast. Frequenting venues such as the Night Eagle Cafe and Bodles Opera House. They have entertained crowds at festivals including The Outskirts Bluegrass Festival, Colorscape Music and Arts Festival, Ithaca Music and Arts Festival, Spring Fling, The Catatonk Creek Festival and their own event, Fetish Fest. The band has shared venues and stages with other bands including Fairport Convention, The McKrells, The Marshall Tucker Band, Melvin Seals and The Jerry Garcia Band, The Kennedy's, and Davinci's Notebook. How did they originate? The band had been a foursome since the summer of 1999, but became a five-piece in June of 2002 when drummer, O.J. Levesque was welcomed into the band. Held and Gliha have been playing, recording, and writing music together since 1996. In 1999, Edick started playing with the emerging band. The addition of Edick's vocals and guitar work completed the signature sound of the three part harmonies Fetish Lane is noted for. Shortly after the addition of Edick, Lorimer entered the scene as a percussionist. His energy, funky rhythms, and personality added new life to the band, especially during their live performances. After the foursome was complete, the band headed to the studio and released their first compact disc, Acoustic Brew, on July 7th, 2001. In June of 2002, the band released a live album. They are now in the studio recording a large project with 18 to 20 tracks, which should be available this Spring.