Harry Manx
Harry Manx Harry Manx has been dubbed an “essential link” between the music of East and West, creating musical short stories that wed the traditional Blues with the depth of classical Indian ragas. Add a sprinkle of gospel and some compelling grooves and the result is a trademark “mysticssippi” sound that is deliciously addictive to listen to.

His hypnotic live show was honed on street corners, cafes, bars and festivals worldwide. A five-year tutelage in India under Rajasthani musician Vishwa Mohan Bhatt learning the mohan veena (a 20-stringed sitar/guitar hybrid designed by Bhatt) was the catalyst for Harry’s signature style.

The prolific Manx, whom Billboard Magazine labelled “Canada’s most expressive and versatile guitar player”, has released seven albums since 2001. His latest CD, a concert recorded at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto for the CBC, highlights Harry’s breathtaking show set amidst an accompanying backdrop of superb world musicians.