Malachy Papers
Malachy Papers The jazz musicians who make up Malachy Papers come to the table with eclectic backgrounds and diverse vantages on music and improvisation. Dialects meld together, creating conversations that push the boundaries of jazz.

Drawing on every possible source and influence — from jazz standards to grooves to outright clichés — the group will unabashedly pay tribute to the standards and roots of jazz, screaming out of control moments later into pure cacophony, obliterating everything sacred, but still paying homage to the larger tradition of pure improv. While standards inform much of the music, most compositions are originals, and more than half of any performance is pure improv. The Malachy sound is always evolving, always exploring the edges of its wide ranging musical territory.

Mike Dillon: Percussionist, vibraphonist
Mark Southerland. Saxophones, inventor of Eight Track Scratching and a multitude of unique Horns
Brad Houser: Bass, Saxophones, clappers
Johnny Hamil. Bass Sounds