jazzam Jazzam started by a couple freelance jazz musicians who ended up on the same gig. After discovering that their musical rapport was strong, they decided to form a band. The music that came from this collaboration is a nice, dancable mixture of jazz, jam, and rock music that is firmly rooted in the funk.

In order to break away from the monotony of their local Pittsburgh, PA scene, and to allow more people to experience thier music, Jazzam started to tour non-stop throughout the east coast. This proved to be a good move, because they soon began to draw large audiences in the college towns and cities they visited. These guys know all about hard work on the road, and they all love it.

Jazzam is currently touring in support of their newest album "Its About Time" released on Creative.Life.Support records. This band is unbelievable. The perfect mixture of musical taste, and technical virtuosity, has to be seen to be believed.