Starrunner Ryan Behling: Vocals, Bass
Oscar Loubriel: Drums
Dallas Wade: Guitar
Peter James Zubinski: Keyboards

Starrunner's music is a mix of rock, funk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, reggae, dub, soul and interstellar space presented in an improvisational format.

Starrunner was born in November of 2002 from the remenants of the Blues Monks and Hundo. And amongst many line-up changes, the band now consists of the 4 co-founders. The band has been playing extensively in the midwest and throughout the US ever since their formation.

In 2004, the band recorded and released their debut studio album, Overstand at Ballistico Studios in Chicago, IL featuring 13 original tracks. The self-produced and nationally distributed work has been critically acclaimed and continues to turn heads.

"... propulsive, energetic sound ... Starrunner leaves no musical stone unturned." - Home Grown Music Network

"... innocent and full of joy - a band knowing what it wants and playing the result." - Randy Ray,

This recording joins the extensive Starrunner catalog with 2002's EP The Super Buddha Sessions as well as a massive catalog of live material and various studio tracks recorded across the country to be available to their fans for free at their shows.

Influences include Jimi, The Meters, Zepplin, Coltrane, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Phish, Miles, MMW, Monk, the Dead, Ben Harper, Marley, Timothy Leary, Tool, Del, Herbie Hancock, Public Enemy, Black Crowes, John Scofield, Radiohead, the Allman Brothers, Traffic, Rage, the Roots, the Beatles and everyone else.

Starrunner's message is hopeful. "In these days of global and cultural turmoil, we are all searching for something. Starrunner believes that it is to each other that we must look. No blame placed, no prejudice preserved in the face of knowledge, no mass killings in the name of circumstance. Rather we believe it is wiser to live life fully, love and laugh, and concentrate on our willingness to understand one another while embracing our differences. The world and our attitudes toward one another depend upon what we do with it. Each generation is an influence on the next, and in our music we try to be a good influence on the next generation as well as our own by writing songs about good things and and with the appropriate perspective as well as calling attention to social injustice and corruption."

The band believes that the best way to convey how they feel musically is in the live show. The live show exists as a cyclical experience with any given audience that you cannot recreate in the studio. This means that Starrunner is on the road constantly, sharing the music the best way they know how.