Cody ChesnuTT
Cody ChesnuTT We are all familiar with Cody from his critically acclaimed, independent release, The Headphone Masterpiece. A sprawling work of genre defying nuggets reminiscent of the golden age of pop radio, The Headphone Masterpiece is a musical/performance art showpiece unlike any ever heard. From sweet 60s soul to first wave British invasion to dirty south hip hop and post-modern dream pop, The Headphone Masterpiece is an evolution of Codys life experience, influences, and creativity. Cody took this intimate vision from his bedroom on a mission throughout the world, traveling all over the US, Europe, and Australia. The mission was to share stories of God, life, love, exploitation, frustration, male bravado, sexuality, death, and redemption. The Headphone was a raw reflection, an image, a temporary and eternal look into to the life of a musician, a black man, using the contemporary black experience as its blue print.

Where is Cody ChesnuTT?

Cody has been living life in its momentary expression as a husband, a father, and a student of God. Life has been his muse, his wife; his child, the earth, wind, and the sun are his text book. During this time he has created a multimedia video and soundtrack entitled The Last Adam and a new collection of songs entitled The Live Release. The Live Release is a unique experiment in music, an exercise of the living word. In essence Cody is releasing his new project anew on stage for his audience. Cody has assembled this body of work in the tradition of the African story tellers and his audience is a part of a camp fire circle. Cody will often ask the audience not to clap in between songs; his intent is to tell a story, share a fluid continuous expression. Todays Cody ChesnuTT is an expression of pure art; pure expression in its purest form. A man, an instrument, and the living word.