Go Van Gogh
Go Van Gogh Go Van Gogh .. is that Latan, or Balkin?

Go Van Gogh plays original music, flavored by all the great American sounds we grew up with, and all the equally great international music we discovered along the road. As we keep changing it up year to year, Accordion and Violin, one year, Double Saxes the next, it is germane to mention the current septet has an instrumentation of Sax, Trumpet, Tricone Steel Guitar, Congas, Bongos, and minor percussion, Guitar, Bass, and Vocals. Vocals being a fairly new addition to what had been a purely instrumental group for almost 2 decades.

The music we play travels through Ethiopian melodies, Afro Cuban rhythms, Bakersfield twang, Balkan brass, and an ocean liners worth of other musical flavors. All with a get up and dance energy. So when we say "mixing country music from many countries", it's denotes we take a roots approach to whatever we hear, no matter the sophistication, or elemental nature of what catches our ears. We don't cover it, we incorporate it. And believe me, that is a real distinction.

While we have put out 5 studio recordings , with another one on the way, the bands primary focus is on live performance. The transporting nature of interaction, , not just within the group, but of the heady feedback loop of player-group-listener/dancer is what fuels the collective GVG soul. The Walkershaws, as primary composers, write excellent music, but that was never the end of the line. More than merely an intellectual, or esthetic pursuit, the band exists to be entertained, not just to be the entertainment. Its obvious to the audience that the band is having a great time on the bandstand, which fuels the feedback loop mentioned above.

Please do come down, the next time we come to your town.