Surrounded By Ninjas
Surrounded By Ninjas Story:

Hailing from the hotbed of Portland Oregon, this forward-looking duo is making waves in the live music scene with their completely improvised electronic "music-of-the-moment". Simultaneously accessible and unusual, they use their hands, ears, hearts and brains to create unique, inspired, and brand new music right before your eyes.


By manually tweaking elements of their own 'on-the-fly' loops and with the help of realtime sound-deconstruction devices, Surrounded By Ninjas can perform complicated mix effects and futuristic musical ideas without having to sequence them. In fact, they do it without even practicing, preferring instead to approach each performance as a new creation; relying on their own musical instincts and the energy in the room to create a unique musical piece each time. The resulting sound is sometimes dark and deep with downtempo, dub or trip hop influences; and sometimes danceable, fun and creative with drum-n-bass, jungle, or jam-rock influences. With all the grooves being created live on the keyboards and live-looping modules, they also use samplers and turntables to manipulate spokenword clips such as stand-up comedy and movie segments- sometimes for fun, other times with a message.