The Yohimbe Brothers
The Yohimbe Brothers warning: this music may cause extreme sexual excitability. an eclectic mix of everything that is one part vernon, one part logic, two parts yohimbe, and 3 parts the future. do not try and dance under the influence unless you are influenced. do not complain that the record is hard to explain. unless you can explain it yourself.

yohimbe::: an african root used to enhance male sexual performance. it has been termed the natural viagra and can be found at health and natural food stores.

brothers::: both brothers were founding members of the black rock coalition as their respective black rock marched through the early 1990's: vernon reid as the leader of living colour and dj logic with eye and i. the guitar-playing brother from brooklyn would often play hooky with the dj from the bronx as the two began to experiment with sound when nobody was looking. it soon became a secret that everybody knew about as the relationship was brought public in various formations, including the seminal nyc bands masque and my science project.

vernon reid::: while most of the world knows him as the leader of the pioneering multi-platinum rock band living colour, mr. reid’s well runs much deeper: from his formative years on new york's downtown scene with ronald shannon jackson’s decoding society, to his collaborations with creative spirits ranging from guitarist carlos santana to african singer salif keita - both nominated for grammys; choreography scores produced for bill t. jones and donald byrd, to his production work for james blood ulmer (memphis blood: the sun sessions, 2001), vernon is always burning the musical candle at both ends. while both of his solo projects (mistaken identity which released an album for sony/550 in 1996 and my science project) satisfied the urge of hardcore fans for more vernon, nothing will bring a smile to their faces faster than this: living colour released a new album in the fall of 2003 called collideoscope.

dj logic::: in 1974, jason kibler, a/k/a dj logic, was born in the bronx around the same time as hip-hop. he has been playing live turntables with working bands since 1990 when, at 16, he was signed to sony/550 as a member of the seminal funk band eye and i. a founding member of the black rock coalition, logic's long resume includes tours and recordings with jazz, rock and experimental groups including medeski martin and wood, living colour, don byron, joshua redman, john scofield, teo macero, karl denson, ratdog, the dirty dozen brass band, christian mcbride, dj spooky, dj olive, string cheese incident, marc ribot, anti-pop consortium and countless others. logic was the first dj to perform at the prestigious jvc jazz festival and has done remixes for everyone from phish to government mule. his own band project logic has toured the world over and continues to be a powerhouse in the u.s. logic has two solo cds, both on the ropeadope/atlantic label: 1999's presents project logic and 2001’s the anomaly.