Stampead Stampead has taken their Los Angeles based act on the road and are proving to be one of the hardest working bands in the nation. They have emerged from the independent rock scene as pioneers of a new sound. Separate from their influences, their songs have been defined only in new ways….Syd Barret passing through Kentucky, Bob Dylan on speed, Andres Segovia playing backup for Leonard Cohen. Their sound is always honest, stemming from their loyalty to the stage. Stampead’s signature comes in the form of a punch in every song…from the slow moving ballads to the high speed guitar battles, Stampead has the need to hit you hard.

Eric was studying world music in California while Judd was playing in bands in Indiana. It only made sense for Judd to quit school and move out west. The two brothers spent a year in isolation coming out with a full length CD/demo and took it to Los Angeles. Sean moved out from Indiana shortly after and the three played for over a year in L.A. as a three piece. Ivan played on and off with Stampead until finally quitting his active sexlife to tour with the band.