Michael On Fire
Michael On Fire Michael on Fire, singer, songwriter, musician, and storyteller, is lauded by his fans and fellow musicians alike for his powerful lyrics and profoundly emotional performances.

"Michael on Fire has a sound and style that epitomizes all that is so good about the Americana genre. You'll find blends of country, folk, blues and rock'n'roll running through the grooves, occasionally all in one song. This is honest, rootsy music by a veteran artist who makes music on his own terms regardless of current fads and fancies - we celebrate artists like that, especially when the music is of such a uniformly high quality." - Maverick Magazine (U.K.)

For the past four decades he has toured relentlessly, constantly creating, performing and recording original music with an unswerving singularity of purpose, enduring all manner of mishap and hardship, ever holding on to the mantle of musician, telling his truths in song and story, and projecting visions of wonder, mystery and redemption. He recently released his 16th and 17th records, Cadillac Ranch and Live in London.

"Michael On Fire is the progenitor of a love fest, or maybe a happy reunion looking for a place to happen. He is a story teller, charmer and entertainer who lights a room, fills it with image and music and delivers lyrics that get inside your heart and head." -Tom Cochrun, Light Breezes