Little Marsh Overflow
Little Marsh Overflow With roots of Funk, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Jam, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Brit-Pop, Reggae, and Hip-Hop, Little Marsh Overflow is a virtual cornucopia of musical tastes guaranteed to satisfy the pallet of even the most finicky music lover.

Since the bands inception in the Spring of 2001, in the swamplands of Northern Door County, WI, founding members Mark Weber (guitar/vocals), Joshua Gregory (keyboards/vocals), and Wade Coisman (bass/vocals) have been both expanding their individual roles in the band and refining their overall sound. Hence, producing a tightly knit style that strives to blend all of their influences and cannot easily be lumped in any one category or genre. While the band has always been stumped when pressed for a quick answer in regards to what type of music they play, Stephanie Music from considers it a “progressive rock, funk jam art form.”

With the recent addition of heavy hitter Kai Andersen on drums the final piece of the puzzle was put in place and the band has been gaining momentum at a whirl wind pace. Making new friends and fans at each performance, word of mouth has never traveled so fast about the group, no doubt in part due to the extremely high energy stage show they put on. Little Marsh Overflow is 4 individuals who absolutely love to do what they do and it shows. After a brief but excruciating gigging hiatus while auditioning drummers, LMO is back with a vengeance. The band is also in the process of completing a plethora of new material for an upcoming studio album or two, while at the same time, recording various performances which will soon be available for all to enjoy and share.