Big Meat
Big Meat Through the course of 250+ shows, BIG MEAT has developed a signature sound that combines deep funk, rock 'n roll, jam, disco, reggae, bluegrass and latin styles. Their originals range from long compositions to more simple and poignant structures. Vocal harmonies and thoughtful, playful lyrics play a large part in their music.

BIG MEAT has performed from the tip of Maine to the bottom of Florida developing a following both at their shows and online ( They originated in Northeast CT in 2000, back when all the members were in high school. Their sound matured through college, and in 2005 they hit the road. Since that time they have been performing at Festivals, Colleges, and Clubs all over the East Coast.

Their live act is electric, unpredictable, and unforgettable. BIG MEAT constantly adds new originals and covers to their repertoire. They have a ball on stage with their fans, mixing great originals and covers with light-hearted performances such as Mario Bros tunes, Running with the Devil, Gin and Juice and the Top Gun Theme. On special occasions you may even get some on-stage antics like their famed Mario Bros. Halloween Set.

BIG MEAT is now based out of New York City.

"Big Meat Melted my Entire Face Last Night", Florida Music Forum.
By Dale McGinnis, founder of Funk n Jam Productions and site administrator, Dec, 2005.

"Big Meat melted my entire face and head last night. If you haven't taken the time to go absorb Big Meat, now is the time to do so. Absolutely incredible. One of the best musical jams I've ever heard from anyone - anywhere - ever. I know you think I'm exaggerating... but if you heard them you'd know. Right now I'm clear of mind and rested. I can honestly say…one of the best jams ever…There's a new band in Orlando ya'll, and it's nothing like we've ever had before."

"Big Meat Satisfies Audiences’ Hunger for Rock"
Weekly Writer, Muhlenberg College, PA.
By Falynn Bleiberg in Oct 2004

…"Their onstage interaction is genuine, and it comes through in the ebb and flow of the music. They obviously enjoy both the music and the audience, and their enjoyment transfers to the crowd."

"Big Meat Energetic At Tequila Cove"
The Daily Campus, UCONN
By Kimberly Primicerio, Jan, 29 2007

"Big Meat , a band full of energy, was an all-around goodtime…The band's unique lyrics like, "I can't sleep even with a glass of wine in Rome," and funky style make BIG MEAT worth viewing."

"Jambando @ Hard Rock Live, Orlando FL", Q's House Radio.
By Q, May 29, 2006

…They seemed just as likely to include a wail'n guitar solo as they were to beat box or play spoons….Just relax and enjoy."