Arjun and Guardians
Arjun and Guardians Arjun and Guardians have been on tour captivating a loyal following with their inspired sounds almost non-stop since since 2000, playing coast to coast USA and beyond (Canada, Hawaiian Islands). The music speaks for itself, blending the moods of roots reggae, hip hop, electro, and worldfuzion seamlessly with eclectic devotional chanting and powerful musical performances. Over ten thousand CD's have been pressed and sold since 2001 completely independently through People, People int. , and there are likely many tens of thousands distributed underground.

His voice has been likened by reviewers to Ben Harper (Metro Santa Cruz), and Bob Marley (Chicago Journal, others). Arjun is also a founder of the Eastern Vocal party BHAJANANANDI; high energy, deep space bhajan/kirtan. Jivamukti Yoga (The west's most renowned yoga center/resource) has also placed Arjun among the top 5 bhajan/kirtan singers in the western world in their newest book "Jivamukti Yoga".