Treologic In an industry dominated by negative messages and materialistic attitudes, and in the midst of the hip hop industry's focus on Chicago for the next big thing, Treologic rises to the top as one of the most exciting and sought after live acts to break the Midwest in years.

The philosophy of Treologic is to use a positive lyrical message with beautiful beats to ensure a feeling of euphoria into the audience every song, every show. The music is intelligent, the lyrics are concious, and the experience leaves people speechless and elated, rejuvinated, and energized.

Using hip hop as the main vehicle, Treologic uses more than one genre or style to flavor the musical pallate. The logic is to embrace the rich roots of Chicago hip-hop, gospel, and jazz and bridge the old school with the new. The lyrical stylings of Billa Camp draw influence from groups like Tribe Called Quest, NWA, Black Thought of the Roots, Jay-Z, Common, Talib Kawli and Eminem. The sound that Boyd, Massaro, and Loiselle produce is a chameleon bridging gospel, beats, and jazz -- organicly working somewhere between Medeski Martin and Wood and Scott Storch. Eric Koppa provides the 'icing' and sounds with his intricite woodwinds and percussion Chicago veteran and former 2 time DMC Winner, DJ Savage, defines the sound with his scratching, sampling, beat drops, and production skllz that give it that true hip hop flava. However you define this new sound, you have the making of a legend that aims to change music as we listen to it.

Treologic's popularity is exploding in the Midwest through contant touring, promotion, and word of mouth. In and around Chicago Treologic has playing legendary venues and drawing huge crowds and breaking through to a wider audience - a world wide audience through persistance, hard work, and the amazing quality of the music, both live and recorded.