The Green Onions
The Green Onions If you could combine the sounds of The Band, The Black Crowes and The Faces, you might just end up with The Green Onions. Formed by high school classmates in 2001, this five-piece rock outfit draws its influence heavily from the Rock and Roll back catalogue. Corty Byron fronts the group with his soul-drenched vocal style and blues-based guitar licks. Also on guitar and backing vocals is Chris Gurreri, a player with a penchant for spot-on vintage guitar tones. Bassist Scott Frenchek brings his love for McCartney and Motown to his instrument and provides the key third element to the band's vocal harmonies. Longtime musician and road warrior Cort Byron, a.k.a. "pop" plays the role of Corty's father, and keyboardist. Rounding out the band on drums is the driving rhythmic force of local music veteran, Brian Trump.

In the beginning, the band spent its time cranking out their favorite classic rock songs, while performing underage at the local bars and clubs. The band quickly decided it was time to focus on creating their own music and set out writing songs. After taking the top spot in two "Battle of the Bands" competitions, the band was able to finance their first, self-titled studio album. Mostly performed live in the studio, the 12-song album showcased The Green Onions discovering their sound and received national and overseas radio airplay.

Following the release of their first album, The Green Onions began work on a two hour career-spanning tribute to Pink Floyd. This multimedia laser event called "Dark Side of the Onions" was a huge success. The band quickly sold out three performances at the LaserDome in Manheim, Pennsylvania. After this successful endeavor into the dark side, the Onions began work on their second 12-song album. Completely self-produced by The Green Onions, "Down The Drain" made its debut August 11, 2007 to a raucous crowd of approximately 500 at the Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

In their time together, The Green Onions have performed at the Giant Center Arena in Hershey, The York Fair, and in 2007 were broadcast to countless television viewers at the190th Lititz 4th of July celebration. The band has also shared the stage with artists such as Project Object, Lez Zeppelin, The Bridge, The Brakes, The Disco Biscuits, Family Groove Company, Vanilla Fudge, The Badlees, and Hot Tuna. The group has successfully established a diverse fan-base spanning all age groups. The Green Onions are now performing in support of their second studio album while riding a wave of momentum unparalleled thus far in their career.