Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
Reverend Billy C. Wirtz "My songs are based on the kind of folks you run into at the Waffle House outside of Lumberton, Georgia, at three AM, in an ice storm." - Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

Best Of The Wirtz: 15 Years On The Road With A 77-Inch Pianist is a collection of most-requested songs, some of the Rev's personal favorites, and a few (hopefully) soon-to-be classics. It's 15 years of blues bars, comedy clubs, a couple of stints with pro wrestling, and a few hundred sleep-deprived, caffeine drenched, morning radio shows.

Although Rev. Billy C. Wirtz has a southern spin to most of his material, he has established a devoted following all over the country, and continues to maintain a legendary status through the South and Florida. From Asheville NC, to Pittsburgh PA, on to Memphis, and out to California, the message of Rev. Billy and his First House Of Polyester Worship has entertained, hypnotized and confused the masses for the past decade and a half.

Best Of The Wirtz is his seventh album for HighTone Records. To put it together, he spent hundreds of hours digging through personal archives of cassettes and bootlegs of long-forgotten performances. He also assembled some of his current sidemen (a.k.a. The Polyester Prophets) and cut three new tracks.

This album combines classics like "Roberta" and "Mennonite Surf Party" with newer faves like "WWED (What Would Elvis Do)," "Baby Got Dot," and "Partyin' Mofo." The result is a wild ride down the backroads of America, with Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, the 6'5", heavily tattooed, extremely left-of-center, boogie woogie playin', mayonnaise hatin', former Special Education Teacher, at the wheel. AMEN!