John Prine

  • In Person & On Stage (Live)
    In Person & On Stage (Live)
  • Bruised Orange
    Bruised Orange
  • Fair & Square - EP
    Fair & Square - EP
  • Standard Songs for Average People
    Standard Songs for Average People
  • Rhino Hi-Five: John Prine - EP
    Rhino Hi-Five: John Prine - EP
  • Fair & Square
    Fair & Square
    John Prine takes his own sweet time dancing with his muse -- and truly writes what's in his soul. So if it takes him a little longer to write the songs that capture moments and reveal the gently folded human truths that bind us all together. It's always worth the wait. Now, nearly nine years since the release of his Grammy-nominated Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings, the iconic American writer has put the finishing touches on his latest offering, appropriately titled, Fair & Square. "It was just time," says Prine in his always understated way. "I had a bunch of songs. I'd started recording them, and it turns out, I liked them pretty well. So, now, I get to get them all just the way I like them - and then I get to let them go out to meet the world." With the occasional wheezing accordion, curlicue electric guitar parts, quick-wristed mandolins, billowing B-3 pads and puddles of pedal steel guitar, the rough-voiced singer/songwriter's first self-produced record is a homey affair that draws generously from the palette of traditional American music -- be it folk, bluegrass, shuffles, vintage rock & roll, torch, country -- for an amalgamation that would be at home on any Wurlitzer in a whiskey-soaked tavern with beer signs flickering from age and the walls stained deeper than sepia from the years of constant smoke.
  • Fair and Square
    Fair and Square
  • Diamonds In the Rough
    Diamonds In the Rough
  • Souvenirs
  • In Spite of Ourselves
    In Spite of Ourselves
  • Live On Tour
    Live On Tour
  • Lost Dogs + Mixed Blessings
    Lost Dogs + Mixed Blessings
  • The John Prine Anthology: Great Days
    The John Prine Anthology: Great Days
  • A John Prine Christmas
    A John Prine Christmas
  • Sweet Revenge
    Sweet Revenge
  • The Missing Years
    The Missing Years
  • John Prine
    John Prine
  • Common Sense
    Common Sense
  • Prime Prine
    Prime Prine
  • German Afternoons
    German Afternoons
  • John Prine Live
    John Prine Live
  • Aimless Love (Oh Boy)
    Aimless Love (Oh Boy)