Fog Trio
Fog Trio Fog is an eclectic trio from San Francisco featuring Brian Melvin on drums, Brad Buethe on guitar and Peter Barshay on bass. After hundreds of gigs together, the trio recorded "Slow and Slower," showcasing their diversity of musical tastes. Melvin, Buethe and Barshay are veterans of the New York jazz scene and prominent players in San Francisco. All three have played with many masters of different kinds of music. Fog has deep roots in San Francisco's psychedelic era, having spent years absorbing the music of artists who performed at the legendary rock and roll ballrooms, both east and west. With jazz as the sceletal format, Fog blends songs from The Beatles to Sting to Wayne Shorter, Thelonius Monk and many others. This gives the music a unique point of view reflecting their years of musical experience.