Pocket Change
Pocket Change Pocket Change is a seven-piece funk project based in Seattle, Washington. With an updated funk sound likened to that of Soulive, P-Change has enjoyed great success as a band that can get audiences up and moving. With the release of their self-titled debut album in September 2006, Pocket Change has created a buzz with their high level of musical ability, incredible stage energy, and deep groove.

"We get about 100 albums a DAY coming in here now, (about 100,000 total), and yours is one of the best I've ever heard." – Derek Sivers, owner/founder of CD Baby

Since the release of their record, Pocket Change has received radio play on KEXP, KSER, KHUR in Washington, D.C., and internet radio stations across the US and Europe. The album was featured on CDBaby.com's front page, and received a glowing review after earning top spots on their Editor's Picks lists in the Funk and Jazz Fusion genres. Their arrival to the iTunes music store was marked by an in-store appearance at the U-Village Apple Store in mid January 2007.

"Featuring a squeaky tight rhythm section and some of the best soloing around, “Pocket Change” slams you through a crash course in hot, sweaty funk-mania...On this first effort, Pocket Change makes a solid case for being worthy keepers of the jazz/funk legacy." Steve Ward, radio DJ of 90.7FM KSER

The members of P-Change are all intensely focused jazz, funk, and fusion musicians who thrive on bringing their formal musical training and creative talent to the dance floor. Drummer Tarik Abouzied and bassist Jake Amster have developed the kind of pocket that funk and jazz audiences have come to know and love. Along with guitarist Cameron Peace and keyboardist Tim Wright, they provide the support and energy that trumpeter Scott Morning, alto saxophonist Art Brown, and tenor saxophonist Andrew Swanson need behind virtuosic solos and fiery horn lines.

"...the resulting sound manages to be classic but not dated. Fans of mid-70's mainstays like The Headhunters and Tower of Power will find these instrumental jams right up their alley..." - CD Baby Editor Review

Pocket Change has performed at venues all over the Seattle area such as Qwest Field, The Tractor Tavern, Nectar Lounge, and Tost. They have had the honor of sharing the stage with national act The Breakfast (aka The Psychadelic Breakfast) and local groups such as Altered States of Funk, Swampdweller, and as back-up band for Geo Logic of The Blue Scholars. Members of P-Change have shared the stage with Allen Vizzuti, Terri Lynn Carrington, Charlie Hunter, Ingrid Jensen, Scott Wendholt, Bobby Previte, Terell Stafford, Skerik, Marco Benevento, and Wynton Marsalis.

Copies of Pocket Change’s self-titled album are available in Seattle-area Cellophane Square, Easy Street, and Sonic Boom Records locations, online at CDBaby.com, Rhapsody, and iTunes, and at shows and festivals across the northwest. For more info contact Pocket Change at (206)794-2379, by email at booking@pchangemusic.com, or visit www.pchangemusic.com.