Somebody's Closet
Somebody's Closet Somebody's Closet is a high-energy tribal rock and soul group from Tempe, AZ. The band was formed about 6 years ago progressing and growing through 3 albums and 2 independent U.S. tours. One of Somebody's Closet's best assets is their live show which can include over 50 original songs and the passion and stamina to play for over 4 hours. They never seem to fit into a specific category of music since they incorporate many types of sounds stemming from a variety of genres and cultures. Their make-up is just as diverse as their sound since many bands do not have a total of 6 members which include 3 singers that harmonize, many percussion instruments and a balance of electric and acoustic tones. With the introduction of segues, often linking up to 20 songs, they create a show of epic proportions. Each member is crucial in creating the complete, soulful and intentional sound of Somebody's Closet.