White Chocolate Funk
White Chocolate Funk White Chocolate is the funky brain child of heavy duty groove monsters Ike McQuade, Mason Dixon, Shogun Jackson, and Ivory Johnson. Individually, the members are all formidable funk machines, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. With influences ranging from P-Funk to Led Zeppelin, JJ Cale to Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix to The Temptations, White Chocolate brings some serious heat to the dance floor. With a recent storm of Santa Cruz performances, and a freshly released album, WC is poised to take over the entire West Coast funk scene. If you are a lover of funk music, old or new, you will love White Chocolate.

Ike McQuade- Heavy duty booty bass and sexy lead vocals
Mason Dixon- Gnar gnar rad face melty guitar and also sexy vocals
Shogun Jackson- Skin slappin toe tappin Drummer boy and not so sexy vocals
Ivory Johnson- Bringer of vibes, Keyboard battleship noises.

White Chocolate Funk is one of two bands that paved the way for White-sploitation music. (Meaning; four white guys getting as funky as four white guys can). Their music first burst on the scene in the form of catchy jingles for an irritable bowel medication commercial as well as several popular feminine napkin advertisements. White Chocolate Funk, also known as WCF, soon seeped it's way into America’s hearts by dominating the love scene soundtracks in movies such as Black Mama White Mama, Detroit 9000, Willie Dynamite, Darktown Strutters and Pootie Tang. Exposure for the band skyrocketed by playing private “Studio 54 type” celebrity parties for the likes of Paul Lynde, Adam West, Mr T, George Takei , Adam Levine, Benny Hill, Flavor Flav and of course Chuck Norris.

To preserve the integrity of their art form, each of their songs maintain a strong improv factor and are never intentionally the same version twice. In respect to their affluent fan base, WCF keeps each performance cutting edge and relative to current news topics and political events within a sexually charged, double entendre’ format.

Many shows consist of polyester clad hotties and funky flash mob dancers. The combined styles of funk and erotic beats have provided titillating excitement to arouse crowds of all ages.

Some credit White Chocolate Funk as the grass roots reason for the formation of Planned Parenthood.