Jay's Happy Sunshine Burger Joint
Jay's Happy Sunshine Burger Joint Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint is a mix of Jam Band, Reggae, Rock,Rap, R&B and Blues.

The Long Strange Trip Continues……

Remixes/Mashups of classic Grateful Dead. Unique Originals, Classic Bob Marley and Soul. Unexpected Delights. Surprise Guests. Music played by musicians with a passion that really comes through. Over 200 years of combined experience.

JHSBJ is a vehicle for all of us to express our talents and skills in a band situation. Its really rare for a group to come together with such a diverse background of talent and have such a singular focus. This band can jam, we can groove, and we don’t seem to need to talk about it. We just play!

“Creating a unique experience that rewards both the audience and the band. After all, we are two sides of one circle. We complete each other.”said Co-founder Sunshine {Garcia} Becker. “We are just beginning to figure out where this is going and we want to bring you along, its the audience energy that moves us.

Website: www.jhbsj.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jhsbj

Twitter and Instagram: @jhsbj