Alchemy Alchemy is a four-piece band formed in the fall of 2001 in State College, Pennsylvania. A wide range of influences has shaped Alchemy’s unique and distinct sound. Fusing together elements of Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, House, and Trance music with an improvisational approach, Alchemy aims to produce a different and original sound they can call their own. Their forte is high-energy live performances showcasing an impressive repertoire of original and cover material. Drawing energy from each other and the crowd, Alchemy creates a unique musical experience every live performance.

Alchemy began playing parties but quickly exploded on the State College bar scene. Playing as many shows as they could, the band grew musically, discovered their sound, and built a strong, dedicated fan base. In the summer of 2005, Alchemy completed their first studio release; “The Elemental Mishap.” It consists of ten of the Band’s original compositions, showcasing their wide range of styles and influences. With studio and live performance experience under their belt, Alchemy now looks to take their sound to new cities, venues, and fans. With an ever-growing determination to bring their music and the live experience to new levels, Alchemy is poised to become a name in the jamband community.


Todd Evans: Drums

Josh Dominick: Guitar, Vocals

Ben Thonus: Bass, Vocals

Paul Rennie: Keyboards, Vocals