Brokedown Hustlers
Brokedown Hustlers Conceived in a tree, born in a campfire, the Brokedown Hustlers are an acoustic band of the truest grit and originality. Singing tales of mischief, heartache, and lawless debauchery, the band blends cleverly crafted lyrics with original acoustic composition, creating a style all their own. Front man August West leads the band along a lyrically laden journey, accompanied by the raw and untamed styling of his band mates Tennessee Jed (Guitar, Harmonica), Barely Garcia (Guitar, Banjo), Jack Straw (Mandolin), Dr. Phiddle (Fiddle), and Philthy Lush (Upright Bass). The music will move your feet. The words will grab your soul. Before you know it you're singing along. By no means are they just another stringband. Expect a complete listening experience, paired with a lively performance, full of energy, improvisation, and crowd interaction.