Borracho Washington DC’s Borracho exploded onto the stoner rock scene in 2011 with the release of their debut Splitting Sky. The record was released on the band’s own LivingRoom Records imprint on CD, and by Germany’s No Balls Records on limited edition colored vinyl (now out of print).

The album made a strong impression, hauling in gushing review after review, and boasting inclusion in ten end-of-year top album lists. Upon its release The Washington Post praised “Borracho has mastered the delivery of an infectious hook. ‘Splitting Sky’ is bursting with catchy riffs and skilled playing.” Heavy Planet proclaimed it “an instant classic,” The Ripple Effect dubbed it “an epic, earsplitting fuzz-fest,” and The Sludgelord predicted “This album is going to be a classic of the genre. No question about it.”

The band has since released a 7″ single and video for album standout track “Concentric Circles,” and an enchanting video for the epic “All in Play.” In November 2012 Strange Magic Records released a 10″ single for ”Plunge/Return,” the closing track from Splitting Sky, previously unavailable on vinyl. In April 2013 a limited edition 7″ was co-released by No Balls Records (Germany) and Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain) showcasing two previously unreleased tracks “Mob Gathering” and “Short Ride (When it’s Over).”

Carrying on as a trio while their wayfaring vocalist Noah pursues professional endeavors, Borracho’s new 12″ Oculus features the pared-down trio lineup, and delivers Borracho’s signature fuzzed out, dynamic grooves with heaping helpings of the low-and-heavy the band’s audience has come to expect. The songs are sonically familiar, with a clear emphasis on riffs and rhythms, but the vibe the band achieves is a step in a freer power-trio direction. The album doesn’t lack for hooks, either, in its five songs and 35 minutes, and captures the guys stretching out to epic proportions as they are known to do. Longtime fans and those just discovering the band alike have a lot to sink their teeth into.

The band’s live performances have made a strong impact, and they’ve shared stages with international acts like Fu Manchu, Truckfighters, Karma to Burn, Jucifer, Lo-Pan, Elder, and many more, as well as made appearances at the Stoner Hands of Doom XI and XII, Autumn Screams Doom, Moving the Earth, and Eye of the Stoned Goat festivals. Look for the band on the road in support of Oculus’ release in the States and beyond.