The Electric Mudd
The Electric Mudd The Electric Mudd are a blues based, rock and roll six-piece from the birthplace of the blues, the Mississippi Delta. Taking their name from the 1968 Muddy Waters album, the band has been pumping out their funky self-proclaimed Delta Swamp Boogie for over 6 years, allowing their vast catalog of original songs to develop and mature.

Growing up in the Delta one cannot help but to appreciate one of America's great musical art forms, the blues. However even though only five of the six members hail from Mississippi, the blues are deep rooted in the entire band. The sixth member was born in Georgia.....the Republic of Georgia. In search of the blues Levan Lortkipanidze traveled to America to hone his musical gift. In fact, in 2005 the Indianola Blues Society, home of blues great B.B. King, named him Blues Musician of the Year. Levan regularly leaves his organ chair to bust out the harmonica and flute, complimenting the melodies of slide guitarist David Burchfield and second guitarist Kell Kellum. The thunderous rhythm section consists of Jason Boyles on drums, Jack McWilliams on percussion, and David Casiday on bass.

The Electric Mudd.....COME GET DIRTY!!