Barbara Cue
Barbara Cue Barbara Cue is not a person but a five-piece "super group" from Athens, GA, that came together in 1997, spurred by their mutual affection for NRBQ. The band combines country, blues, rock, and R&B sounds, and while the NRBQ influence is certainly evident, Barbara Cue avoids the trap of simply aping their heroes. The group boasts a talented roster of musicians that have played with such groups as 6 String Drag, Widespread Panic, Star Room Boys, and Drive-By Truckers.

In the beginning, the group played shows around Athens and did some remote recordings with producer/artist David Barbe (Sugar, Mercyland), working on the tapes at his Chase Park Transductions studios. However, the shows could only happen when all of the members were in town and not working with their other bands. Barbara Cue eventually decided to get serious about doing an album, and the result was Louisiana Truckstop, which featured originals by the group, collaborations between the group and other singer/songwriters, and a cover of NRBQ's "Little Floater". In 2004, the members of Barbara Cue found the time to return to Chase Park Transductions and record a second album, Rhythm Oil, which featured ten new songs from the members of the band and their friends. ~ Erik Hage