Da Soulution
Da Soulution Las Vegas based original Roots Rock Reggae band infusing elements of Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul, Island, Blues, Folk, and Afrobeat & Tribal. Focused on the promotion of positive vibes empowered by the strength of both faith & the lord almighty, nothing short of a blessing. PEACE LOVE POWER

Comprised of Al Rubin, Esther Geronimo, Derek Jordan, Brandon Smith, Hunter Clark & Jay Matts, all from different areas (mainly in the US). Rubin & Geronimo moved to the states from the Hawaiian Islands in the early 2000’s to pursue professional/personal movement and met Jordan, Smith & Clark upon having settled in Las Vegas, NV. Rubin, having a Hip-Hop/R&B background, began to branch out & write original reggae songs & incorporated them into his new project, 'Da Soulution', created with members (Jordan, Smith & Clark). After many changes & different line-ups over the years (including members even switching instruments), Matts (having been formerly a member of 'Stoney Holiday' & 'United Roots') joined soon after in early 2013 to bring final solidity to the group & their Island-Roots-Reggae sound. The powers that be brought these six pioneers together to create a new type of traditionally inspired roots rock reggae. By infusing different cultures, attitudes, styles & feelings, 'Da Soulution' has made extreme efforts to continue to push reggae back into America’s cultural appreciation for different music.

'Da Soulution' has shared the stage w/several talented artists in their time together including: 'Fortunate Youth', 'Bunny Cunningham' & 'Lady Reiko'.

Much is to come of this group including touring accompanied by new musical releases & spreading the powerful positive vibration of music, reggae music. BLESSED