Youth Be Told
Youth Be Told Amazed and captivated is how Youth Be Told leaves the audience after a performance. This incredibly talented Rock and Roll band from Long Island, NY includes band members: Lennon on guitar and keys, Madden on drums, Alex on bass and keys, and Jessica on vocals. They have proven that great things come in small packages. At only 13 and 14 years old, these kids perform with the heart, soul, power and ability seen in seasoned musicians more than twice their age! Come to one of their shows and you will hear some of the most incredible Classic Rock songs and instrumental covers that have been enjoyed for decades. Their musical inspirations include Rush, The Beatles, Boston, Journey, Yes, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Peter Frampton, Billy Joel, and many others. They are also very excited to be introducing their original music this year! They perform several shows a month, and have also opened for great performers such as, Long Island legend Randy Jackson of Zebra who they were also honored to perform with, We The Kings, and Cody Simpson. ​

In addition, Youth Be Told uses their love of performing to help those in need. They continue to perform for events that bring awareness to many different causes. They have helped raise money for many charitable organizations such as, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Autism Speaks, The American Cancer Society, The Lymphoma and Leukemia Foundation, The Jones Beach Cancer Walk and many more. Music and giving back go hand in hand for these kids. ​​

To see, hear and meet the kids of Youth Be Told is to become an instant fan. They are great kids who are modest, thankful and humbled by all the continued love and support they are shown. They are also extremely grateful for all the experiences and opportunities that they are having at such a young age. They appreciate their incredible family, friends and over 10,000 Facebook fans! Two of their newest and most memorable fans are Randy Jackson of Zebra and Jon, the lead singer from YES! They were honored to be invited to open for Long Island legend Randy and even got to perform a classic Led Zeppelin song with him. He told his fans that night that Youth Be Told is, "Unbelievable!" It was a memorable moment was when they received one of the most amazing emails from YES' lead singer Jon. He was happy that we wanted to share it. Part of it read," My wife and I have recently seen your cool website and amazing videos and have to express our appreciation for the immense talent you portray! You are all indeed gifted musicians and hold great potential for a bright future! You are going to do great things in this world! With your God-given talent, you are in a position to offer much joy and inspiration. ROCK ON YOUTH BE TOLD!"