Under The Willow
Under The Willow Helping to revive the love of folk and grass instruments in the hearts of a new generation. Under The Willow is a string band featuring the lead vocals of Erin Donovan and Hayley Skreens. An original four piece rooted in but not limited to traditional bluegrass instrumentation. Using socially conscious thought provoking lyrics forged with imaginatively original arrangements Under The Willow blends the sounds of Folk, Bluegrass, Newgrass, Jam Band, Rock, Reggae, Americana, all with a twist of soul.

Born in the spring of 2008. Under The Willow was founded as a duo by vocalist and violinist Erin Donovan and her husband and utility player Pat Donovan. In the summer of 2012 utility players and vocalist Hayley Skreens and Joe Lenza joined the band through a shared love of traditional bluegrass music/instruments as well as progressive original music. With all members in the band it is common to see them switching between Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo. Adopting and applying many different types of playing styles. The string band is complete with all members contributing to the writing process.

In the Spring of 2013, on the brink of their first tour, they released their debut album "Under The Willow". Which is available for sale on ITunes, Amazon, CDbaby and can be found on Spotify and Rhapshody.

"We put our hands, voices, and hearts to work capturing the music in this raw yet polished debut studio album." -UTW

"Under The Willow" highlights the fiercely warm vocals and beautiful harmonies of lead vocalists Erin Donovan and Hayley Skreens. As well as, the thought provoking lyrics and arrangements contributed by all members. While show casing our unique line up of utility players and love for traditional bluegrass instrumentation. The album includes songs rooted deep in Under The Willow's history such as "Reaching Out" as well as brand new songs written and performed in the past year such as "All You Do". With tracks featuring our good friend and former member Anthony Perry on Keyboard and Bass including but not limited to "Our Nature" and "This Is Why"

With no signs of slowing down after their spring tour and summer festival circuit. Under The Willow is hitting the road this Fall/Winter. With a mission to spread their music while growing and writing through their experiences on the way. The band will be going through Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, and ending in the Florida were we will hold up for the winter. Then back through the South to Texas for a stay in Austin during South By South Music Festival. Then returning to their roots in Chicago for another run at the Midwest in the spring. Looking forward to a summer festival run in the Midwest. Stay tuned for 2014 festival schedule!

They've had the pleasure of playing with many great musicians such as Styx, Tea Leaf Green, Henhouse Prowlers, Family Groove Company, Pert Near Sandstone, Leadfoot, Old Shoe, Dog 1, Shel, Eric Lambert, and Ben Miller Band, and have been involved in festivals including South By Southwest, 2012, Ribfest 2012,2013, Hopjuice Fest 2012, Widow's Peak 2013, Nippersink 2013, Whippersnap 2013, Shoe Fest 2013 and more!

Thanks to everyone for their love and support. We wouldn't be doing what we do with out you! So if you enjoy our music we encourage you to share us with your friends and family.

Much Love from all of us Under The Willow