Los Angeles, CA - February 21, 2007 - Tool will be rescheduling their upcoming North American tour due to an injury in the band. Over the weekend, drummer Danny Carey tore a bicep. Danny underwent surgery TODAY and is recovering well. Rescheduled tour dates will be announced shortly.

(Note: Danny just got out of surgery and it went well.)

Although on Tool's website they don't clarify, is reporting that Tool will still play Bonnaroo.

[Published on: 2/22/07]

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theman632k4 Thu 2/22/2007 11:47AM
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does this mean no tool at roo?

Virgie starstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 11:57AM
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Greatwaves Thu 2/22/2007 12:00PM
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Greatwaves Thu 2/22/2007 12:01PM
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Jason Woodside Thu 2/22/2007 12:07PM
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Jason Woodside

hey virgie & dparris, you know absolutely nothing about music. nothing

birdsongjb Thu 2/22/2007 12:08PM
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I am all for opening myself up to TOOL, But cancel them Bring Back PHIL!

DaMule starstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 12:09PM
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tearing a bicep sounds painful, sucks to be danny.

Jason Woodside star Thu 2/22/2007 12:12PM
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Jason Woodside

i hope danny fully recovers from this, and his drumming doesnt suffer. he is a truely amazing musician.

just for all you naysayers out there. there music is so psychadelic, and intricate. danny carey does these sick beats over and over in perfect time in odd time signatures. sure the music is dark, but if you appreciate talent and genius you just need to give them a good listen and you will come around

pinkfloydfan420 starstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 12:20PM
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Hopefully pollstar is right, TOOL's the main reason I would go to Bonnaroo. Get well, Danny!

jalew Thu 2/22/2007 12:53PM
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bummer! get well soon.

craikes13 starstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 12:54PM
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I just had to post to say how much I love the new "thumbs up/thumbs down" addition. It makes all the crap comments go away. Yes, we can police our self.

bobertjohnson Thu 2/22/2007 12:57PM
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nfenne Thu 2/22/2007 01:06PM
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Just because a band plays dark music doesn't mean they'll give you a bad trip! Once upon a time there was psychadelic music that was dark... Doors, Pink Floyd are the first to come to mind.

I think inundating fans with happy hippy music would be more detrimental to a diverse festival than having a band that might be too heavy for some of the crowd.

Even with one arm Danny Carey could probably drum circles around most drummers. Get well soon!

keeblaro Thu 2/22/2007 01:07PM
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could probably "drum circles" that's punny

TravlynnJoe Thu 2/22/2007 01:35PM
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TOOL bassist Justin Chancellor recently told Launch that fans who missed the 2006 dates will get a second chance to see a similar show on the upcoming trek. "Actually, we're kind of playing places that we didn't play last year, so I don't think, it won't be, like, completely different songs, you know," he said. "It won't be a completely different thing, but it will be slightly more evolved. I mean, it naturally evolves as we go through time, you know."

TOOL intends to record some dates on its next North American tour for a live CD and DVD.

The stage production on the next TOOL tour will be "more intense" than the band's last trip, with computer animation and props possibly being included.

The band is supporting its fourth album, "10,000 Days", which has sold 1.4 million copies since arriving last May. The CD's next single is "Jambi".

PheelinPhunky starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 02:34PM
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bobertjohnson Thu 2/22/2007 02:48PM
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bobertjohnson Thu 2/22/2007 02:57PM
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doglog Thu 2/22/2007 04:06PM
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The three best bands I've ever seen live are The Grateful Dead, Phish and, TOOL. For all you of you that know what true energy makes a great show, TOOL not being at the Roo will lose out on this. I never listened to TOOL till I saw them live and it will change everybody that is in doubt about this band. I hope Danny gets well soon and makes his return for at least for you that are heading to Roo. And yes TOOL "will steal your face right off your head."

Jammer1086 Thu 2/22/2007 05:58PM
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bobertjohnson you my friend are a mighty tool for saying that. Kris Myers AND Michael Travis are really great drummers don't get me wrong, but they will not go down as one of the best of all time. Like say John Bohnam or Keith Moon or even Jimmy Chamberlin. Open up your third eye and smell the f-ing roses bobert!I'm with you doglog they are one of the best bands I've ever seen.

Jammer1086 Thu 2/22/2007 06:09PM
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Oh and if you think The Dead, Pink Floyd, The Doors, King Crimson, Primus, and countless other bands you might listen to; didn't play some dark music you better go back and listen to some of their collection a little more. All of which have played big festivals if not headlined.

cliftonhanger420 Thu 2/22/2007 06:16PM
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cavemandan Thu 2/22/2007 07:38PM
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Rinosquad starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 07:39PM
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What the hell is everyone talking about? Tool is gonna blow the roof off Bonnaroo on main stage, or they should play mainstage. If you thought Radiohead ripped it up last year which they did. This will be musically equivalent to that. Trey said it in Rolling Stone magazine that Tool was the most psychedelic band he had ever seen live. If you're just commenting cuz you are a fucking idiot that makes sense, but listen to a live show and and then make a decision. The band has such a positive message in their shows. Opening up your mind, losing the ego and having an experience. Get well Danny.

delidrum Thu 2/22/2007 08:05PM
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I'v seen the dead for 15 years and i'm a big tool fan. of course not the same but both great energy, modern day pink of the best rock drummers in the past years.The roo is about music.woodstock brought you sha na na to THE WHO!! so in some of these opinions A dead head can't be next to A tool head!! and be having a great time at the roo. that to me is a bunch of bullshit. that's the vibe I don't love,all music!!!

bobertjohnson Thu 2/22/2007 08:33PM
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DelicateSound starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 08:59PM
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TooL is easily one of the greatest bands of the last 15-20 years,PERIOD!

Although I believe AEnima released in '96 is their best and most progressive album, everything they have put out is miles ahead of pretty much everyone of our time. Like someone said earlier, they are like the Pink Floyd of our generation.

They put out amazing albums but they are an even better live band.

They have always been labeled to be a progressive hard rock or progressive metal band,but they are wayy more than that. They are EXTREMELY Psychedelic. I find them to also be VERY Tribal, especially with their last two albums. They also have somewhat of a jazz fusion type thing going on.

Each member of the band is very unique. Justin is a very creative bassist, nobody plays bass like him. Danny is one of rock's most gifted drummers and a huge force. Adam is probably the most important member of the band, his use of feedback and distortion and the way his guitar flows is just beyond original. I don't think anybody will ever come close to sounding like him ever! And Maynard is definitely an alien not of this planet. But an alien with a beautiful singing voice.

terrarium_fusilage starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 09:13PM
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I've been waiting for the jam scene to open up to Tool. I've listened to them since Lateralus, and they are fucking incredible!! It may not be everyone's most tapped-into genre, but the fact is Tool really plays music about all the things bands like Phish are about, too. Their music is incredibly progressive, in that you can see an obvious evolution from the band they were 15 years ago till now, and how they evolved out from the darker, angry side of music to an intense spiritually mind-bending band, especially on Lateralus. For those interested, the best site to really get into for them is

I think the free-spirited music scene has been just begging for Tool. Les Claypool and The Mars Volta touring under the same galaxies as bands like Deep Banana Blackout or Phil & Friends is just one step away from Tool entering into these realms. And, really, what I constitute as "jam" music, really, isn't really whether or not they fall under the same heading, persay, as The Dead, but music that sounds just as good or better live than in the studio, or music that doesn't sound like the record albums. And for people who are unfamiliar with their live material, it's fucking genius!! Salival has an incredible live songs which just fucking space me OUT!! Believe me... if there's any show I'd wanna be dosed on, it's fucking TOOL!!

kush400e starstarstar Thu 2/22/2007 09:23PM
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beadiamondsomday Thu 2/22/2007 09:50PM
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Maynard's voice fucking rocks, and i saw them at ozzfest 98 b/f got into jambands. and it was soooo sick
it you dont like tool you dont like rock n roll come on people, if you dont like fine, you probably dont like EVERY jamband either

beadiamondsomday Thu 2/22/2007 09:53PM
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christophebaise Fri 2/23/2007 12:24AM
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Dang, I was really looking forward to the stoner holiday show in Albany. I used to be real into the heavy stuff but nowadays Tool is the only thing I will still listen to from that scene. Lateralus was an awesome album and I still don't really know the songs from the latest album except from when I seen them on the last tour. It's clear that Tool keeps moving more into the pyschadelic side of things with each passing year.

z man starstarstar Fri 2/23/2007 04:55AM
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People need to dig on the music and chew it before they start worrying about how it will effect them due to the drugs they are on. Bobert johnson for some reason I feel you are missing something far more important.

kaiserbun starstar Fri 2/23/2007 06:12AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

i agree with bobertjohnson about myers, he's my favorite drummer out there. tool is a little too weird for me, but i do like some of it. based on what everyone is saying, i'll probably check them out if they still play bonnaroo. sounds like a cool live show.

cliftonhanger Fri 2/23/2007 08:34AM
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delidrum, u were touring with the GD since 1980' and u listen to Tool? u said 15 yrs., and they've not been around for 12 years. just curious, because most of these others are still in high school. also, everyone keeps saying, well trey likes it so it must be good. no disrespect to trey, love the man, seen phish 33 times and solo 4 (little boring solo, no comparison between the two). i have my own opinions, i'm not gonna like just because trey likes it. i also believe he like Jaco Pastorius and Sun Ra, is anyone begging them to come aboard or even heard of them? probably not. Like i said before, i've seen Phish 33 times and Rush is one of the loudest concerts i've ever heard.

cliftonhanger Fri 2/23/2007 08:42AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I would also argue the Kris Myers or Michael Travis argument. i know a lot about music, but never heard of kris myers. i think michael travis plays those stale farts for the SCI, nothing special. that guy just thinks his band can do no wrong. i'm not gonna defend SCI, just because i'm a hippie, they are not that great. I'm not dissing Tool as musicians either, i know nothing of their talent, i just don't think there "element" is fitting to what ROO started out as. I do agree with Neil Peart. What about Jon Bonham, Buddy Rich, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon, Jon Fishman, Bill Kreutzman, and Mickey Hart. if you've never heard of any of these, look em' up.

cliftonhanger Fri 2/23/2007 08:45AM
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oh yeah, what about Levon Helm. he can sing perfect harmony, while never missing a beat. check out, The Last Waltz" if u don't believe. one of the best rock n' roll videos ever.

Conjugal Burning Fri 2/23/2007 09:01AM
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Conjugal Burning

worst news I have heard in a while. The fact that Danny tore a bicep proves how much he wails every night. I read once that he lived in a log cobin in the wilderness by himself with his drums for months. He is a deep dude, and i cant see tool playing bonnaroo or anything without him (unless they recruit Jon Theodore) GET WELL SOON DANNY CAREY!!

gone_phishin_4_cheese Fri 2/23/2007 09:14AM
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why couldnt this happen to sting?

windorascrub Fri 2/23/2007 09:31AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


i like SCI but whoever said michael travis is better than danny you obviously don't know shit about drums. michael travis is pretty boring on the drum as far as taking the music out there via diff. time signatures, syncopated rhythms, and such. danny on the other hand is probably the best drummer that is going to be playing bonnaroo (except maybe stu copeland). Still i think tool is a strange addition to a festival like bonnaroo. But hey if you don't like them go see something else at that time.

BRabbit Fri 2/23/2007 09:37AM
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lovemusicfood star Fri 2/23/2007 09:39AM
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I find it interesting that the argument over greatest drummers, just like almost everything else related to jambands, is white centered. What about... Elvin Jones, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, Brian Blade, Art Blakey, Max Roach....

vernoislawnboy Fri 2/23/2007 09:42AM
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Jeruth Fri 2/23/2007 09:43AM
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Tool rocks hard. they a very good and dparis is just funny people are too sensitive. a play on words. ever heard of that. well i would love to see tool again. danny is an amazing drummer. and if you cant admit that. i dont really know what to say. get over the fact that it may not be what you like. its still talent.

JakeCinningerisgod Fri 2/23/2007 10:15AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I like Tool so when i say this please dont think im riping their musical talent. This doesnt suprize me Tool is the king of dissapointing fans much like OZZY. Everytime they announce their CD (3 years after making a cd) it always comes out like a year later than planned. I know all their songs r good and whatnot but they better be if they are taking 4 years to make a CD. Also always cancelling tours and shows much like this i no this one is ligit but i mean come on they prolly play like 30 shows a year if that (im not sure on that but if u average it out over the exisitence) Great musicans but just consantly dissapoint with their dedication to their fans they dont dissapoint musical. With all that being said im really excited to actually see them for once because they never tour untill recently so hopefully they wont be huge TOOLS and cancell bonnaroo and they rock my balls off

JakeCinningerisgod Fri 2/23/2007 10:17AM
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and windorahscrub tool will be playing the main stage and the headline time there wont be any other shows going on at bonnaroo well they play so its either watch tool r search for drugs, i will be watching tool tho for sure

Jammer1086 Fri 2/23/2007 10:34AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


bobert you are very close minded. What is your "scene"? i think you are talking about the "jam" scene. You need to open your mind up a little and listen to Danny's drumming a little more. Pick up Lateralus and listen to the song Ticks and Leeches and then tell me if Kris Myers can play that, or pick up the rush album that has XYZ on it. I've seen Kris myers play and he is damn good don't get me wrong, but he's no Danny Carey. There has been a few other people here that have supported my opinion too. If anything just listen to tool's music for the drums and then come back and comment. Just cause they aren't in the "jam" scene doesn't mean thay don't jam or they aren't great musicians or but on a great live show.

tonebeach star Fri 2/23/2007 10:36AM
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Jammer1086 Fri 2/23/2007 10:38AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


First of all there isn't much moshing going on at a tool show, in fact maynard doesn't like when that shit goes on, i've seen him heckel the crownd for it. and second of all clutch is a great band too.

ajerk Fri 2/23/2007 10:39AM
+5 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


go to see what the thunbs all about

Jammer1086 Fri 2/23/2007 10:43AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


By the way clifton tool as been around for 16 years. and it would be f-ing great if Jaco Pastorius and Sun Ra were added to the line-up.

tonebeach Fri 2/23/2007 10:55AM
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Jammer1086 Fri 2/23/2007 11:12AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I don't really agree with the direction their line up has been going either but a little diversity isn't a bad thing either. Change is the only constant. But I think a lot of people are gonna be amazed with tool's show if they play there. And I think that Jerry isn't rolling over in his grave. He wasn't one that played on'y one kind of music nor are any of them members of the dead. Why is Jerry the standard for music on this site??? The site is about going to see live music, hence the coverage on everything, if you want to talk about jambands all damn day go to or

dboy1 Fri 2/23/2007 11:13AM
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seriously, I just joined jambase so I could post because of all you close minded fools. You ignorant people are the reason the jam fans get a bad name. Just because Tool doesn't sing about "the tires are the things on the car that make contact with the road" doesn't mean they suck. To compare the band to Limp dip shit or any of the other things I 've read is rediculous. I have been going to Tool shows since 93 and that is nothing of what the band is about.

Jammer1086 Fri 2/23/2007 11:15AM
+6 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Thank you dboy1!

dboy1 Fri 2/23/2007 11:20AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

All you people out there make these holyer then though comments about the music you listen to and how anything else is dark, angry music with no sole. I would rather be around people who are open minded and who's soles are willing to except all levels of beauty not just happy little butterflies. Before making comments on things try to learn my kind peaceful friends

Jammer1086 Fri 2/23/2007 11:24AM
+6 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I totally agree with you dboy my record/cd collection has a little bit of everything........I love jambands just as much as the next that posts here, but to say that everything else is crap is totally closed minded. I give every kind of music a chance before I say I don't like it.

dboy1 Fri 2/23/2007 11:26AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

well to you my friend I say rock on. It is good to know that others will experience al they can from this existence we call life

dboy1 Fri 2/23/2007 11:33AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

So familiar and overwhelmingly warm
This one, this form I hold now.
Embracing you, this reality here,
This one, this form I hold now, so
Wide eyed and hopeful.
Wide eyed and hopefully wild.

We barely remember what came before this precious moment,
Choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside...
This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in
This body makes me feel eternal. All this pain is an illusion.
here are some of those "dark , angry lryics, that make you want to mosh and beat people up"

tonebeach Fri 2/23/2007 11:59AM
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tonebeach Fri 2/23/2007 12:06PM
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Lord-K. starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/23/2007 12:09PM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


How can you bash TOOL? Once again the ignorant faction of music listeners tend to limit themsleves to one sect of music. Music is about exploring feeling and personal struggles. Just b/c the music isn't "happy go lucky" or does not address non-sensical issues does not give anyone a right no bash TOOL. People need to open their 3rd eyes just a bit more maybe some more TOOL would help you all accomplish this.......or maybe all of you haters are the inspiration for the name of the band that you bash....TOOLS

MalkbabY Fri 2/23/2007 12:28PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Don't worry guys, no matter if Tool plays there or not, there will still be plenty of TOOLS at the "roo"

JakeCinningerisgod Fri 2/23/2007 12:32PM
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lexslamman Fri 2/23/2007 01:01PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Tool is a great band and will sound good at the Roo.

Psychedaelic music and jamming comes in more forms than folk-rock, americana, and fusion. Open your minds, people.

Melisiciousness Fri 2/23/2007 01:04PM
+5 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Get well soon Danny!!! Coming from the biggest hippy jamband freak-Tool is my favorite band. And Cheese, too!

DelicateSound starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/23/2007 02:03PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

For all those who doubt TooL

"All you know about me is what I've sold you,
Dumb f*ck.
I sold out long before you ever even heard my name.

I sold my soul to make a record,
Dip sh*t,
And then you bought one.

I've got some
Advice for you, little buddy.
Before you point your finger
You should know that
I'm the man,

If I'm the f*ckin' man
Then you're the f*ckin' man as well
So you can
Point that f*ckin' finger up your as*."

JakeCinningerisgod Fri 2/23/2007 02:05PM
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Jammer1086 Fri 2/23/2007 02:45PM
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daveapaug star Fri 2/23/2007 03:20PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


How many people would go to bonnaroo if they only had jambands? 12,000? 15,000? You need to diversify the acts if you want to attract 50-60 thousand and maximize the dollars. I wouldnt want to be around ANY group of people that large, no matter what type of music they listen to. I cant believe how many "tools" actually read the stuff on this site. Ahhh, I'm reminiscing the good old days, when I didnt have to see Winger listed on Jambase. I mean, that is why they call it "JAMbase" right???

bobertjohnson Fri 2/23/2007 03:23PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I've heard my fair share of TOOL, I never said I didn't like them. I dig a good deal of their stuff, but they kinda lost me in the last several years. And by the way, Myers has a Masters degree in his instrument, he learned Umphrey's entire repertoire in something like 8 days when he first joined (not easy). To challenge his ability to play anything is a joke.

bobertjohnson Fri 2/23/2007 03:29PM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Oh and Travis not being good!? He plays percussion and set simoultanisly (entirely until Hann joined in '04). But that's ridiculous, have you any idea how quick his hands are? And especcially in the last few years has SCI been doin lots of odd time signatures and complex changes. And have you ever seen him with Zilla? It's out of control, keyboards, samplers, computers, all while playin set. Have any of you really WATCHED him?

grooveaholic Fri 2/23/2007 05:05PM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


i dont care much for tool, but they should be interesting at roo(if they play) either way hope danny gets better

RKensel starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/23/2007 08:25PM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

They are going to tear my face off at 'Roo, like Galactic did at Waka '05 late night.. and Galactic will do it again this year at 'Roo

mpkessler Fri 2/23/2007 08:50PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

bobert!! why are your comments hidden??? hahah rock on TOOL!!

mreezal Fri 2/23/2007 08:53PM
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HarreHoood7 Fri 2/23/2007 10:08PM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
arlo73 Fri 2/23/2007 10:39PM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

"i also believe he like Jaco Pastorius and Sun Ra, is anyone begging them to come aboard or even heard of them?"

"and it would be f-ing great if Jaco Pastorius and Sun Ra were added to the line-up."

Do you people live in a cave? Even with all the crap that Trey puts in his body, I bet he still knows that Jaco and Sun Ra have both been jamming with Jimi & Jerry for a while. Try listening to other stuff for a change. Broaden those horizons. Anyone who doesn't know who Jaco is, doesn't know what they are missing. And how about listening to Maynard's lyrics? Deep, and real.

JakeCinningerisgod Fri 2/23/2007 11:29PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Jammer1086 i never said anything about not liking none "jam" band types bands i just said i dont like radiohead and U2 cuz they suck which is true, calm down man and get ur facts straight. Im all about Tool playing Roo and all that good stuff. Oh ya and daveapaug bonnaroo 2004 was pretty much all jam bands and there was about 100,000 there so i have really no idea what ur talking about. bobertjohnson is speaking the truth about meyers and travis they are both mind blowing and i also agree that Danny is totally mind blowing all great musicans no doubt about it. This Jammer guy is a real TOOL.

JakeCinningerisgod Fri 2/23/2007 11:39PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

and Jammer i think u called out Meyers to hear him play XYZ by Rush i tihnk thats what u were trying to say and i right? Well if it was Umphreys has covered that song numerous times they have also done some Tool tease so saying that Danny is better than Chris is stupid. Im not saying he is better but he is defintely without a doubt more diverse. He plays in a hard rock band (Umphreys) while havning a masters degree in Jazz Drumming. Id like to hear Danny lay down a phat jazz rythem and then bust it into something hard like meyers does with Umphreys that pretty crazy. Travis dont get me started on him just nasty so dude i dont even no where ur trying to do with that...

bobertjohnson Fri 2/23/2007 11:56PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Just go see Umphreys, it'll settle everything, really, I can't stress that enough. There is absolutely no band tighter or more individually talented, I challenge anyone to find one...because I certainly haven't. Jake, thanks, it's good to know you worship a deity-worthy musician, and that you are on the same page as me. And for the record I never bashed on Carey at all, I totally respect his musicianship, so why do some gotta bash other obviously outrageously talented players?

bobertjohnson Sat 2/24/2007 12:03AM
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and that's "YYZ" by Rush, one of my all time favorites.

bobertjohnson Sat 2/24/2007 12:08AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

and yes, Myers fuckin' tears YYZ a new one live, seen them 12 times and still never gotten one.

Lord-K. starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/24/2007 08:05AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Once again everyone who is arguing this better than you shit are the real TOOLS

Lord-K. star Sat 2/24/2007 08:36AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Oh and I have seen Umphreys at least 6 times and it has not settled anything

Lord-K. starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/24/2007 08:36AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


B/C there is nothing to settle

PhilnWeird Sat 2/24/2007 08:52AM
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bobertjohnson :: 2/22/2007 12:57 AM
I appreciate TOOLs' talent and creativity (littledrummerboy, I also play drums and Danny is definetely good), but I don't think there should be a place for them at something like Roo. Like you said drummerboy, they are very dark, and I think that's the main reason why they shouldn't be there, it's just not the vibes I'd wanna catch when I'm on doses or something.

This just shows that you are going to Roo for all the wrong reasons. Do you really have to take L to have a good time at a festival with so many wonderful bands. Get a lif and head out to burning man with all the doses you want.

dboy1 Sat 2/24/2007 09:12AM
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Half of you idiots don't even enjoy music, all you want is something to take drugs to. If the cool thing was to eat L and listen to whales fuck and spin around you would probably be arguing which kind rocked harder. Just because you think the people who listen to a type of music that doesn't fit your scene suck doesn't make it so. It's the samee thing as people who hate the Dead because fucks like you go to the shows. Have fun spinning around and looking for the next person to use and screw over.

kingjames1 Sat 2/24/2007 11:58AM
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well, shit the bed. i got no doubt TOOL will still rock the roo. ive been every year and always dreamed of TOOL being there. I guess dreams do come true. Danny stop masterbating 10 times a day and make to the show. cant wait to see the roo family in june.

Patrick2 Sat 2/24/2007 12:17PM
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These 4 Days are going to be a once in a lifetime event!
When I first saw the line-up I completely flipped the fuck
out! So many great bands, also very diverse. Can't wait to
see Wolfmother again. Love me some Galactic,Ween,Kings of
Leon too! Oh and by the way, Tool's raw power is simply
amazing! There not from earth. People get ready!

724V427 Sat 2/24/2007 12:35PM
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I'm not sure what the fuss is about. B-roo is the biggest fest out there and if you can deal with the size you will find somthing you like there and can avoid what you dislike. As far as putting down drummers, aren't drummers the ones who help shake those hips from side to side and give people a little more reason to groove. Carey is a great jazz influenced drummer who can play very intricate polyrhythms, Copeland is a tasteful inventive musician, Travis is two groovy drumers in one...what a nice variety of drummers and bands they play for. Although I won't be going to B-roo it sounds great. (except for the preliminary whining that seems to be prevalent here) As far as comparisons go, I'm a fairly good drummer and they are all more practiced than I am...they are all worth watching...very accomplished and entertaining...
Broaden your horizons a bit, discover there is brilliance in many sounds and rhythms, enjoy the vast soundscape that is offered to you daily, and then realize to yourself as you quitely chuckle that it has all been 'blues' and you've been taken on a great ride.

lexslamman starstarstar Sat 2/24/2007 01:06PM
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The 'roo is the best American music festival ever, consistently, year in and year out. I'm glad that the people who lack open minds are choosing to stay away. Perhaps all of the good testimony they hear afterwards will help them to open up to new and interesting artists and artforms.
Until then, may the four winds blow you home.

dontburnthepig star Sat 2/24/2007 01:07PM
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god some people are such fucking ignorant fools. how can anyone ever say one kind of music is better than the other. All music sounds different to different people. Stop hating. I love jambands, i love tool, i love rap, i love dave matthews, i love jazz, i like pop music, no one can ever convince anyone one kind of music is better than the other....if you try, that is the most pretentious thing in the world and you should try to get some pussy and worry more about your own cock not being used in years than what other people enjoy.

JakeCinningerisgod Sat 2/24/2007 01:18PM
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All these people keep saying to broden your horizons, just because someone says that dont like Tool doesnt mean they dont like different music scenes, The people that keep saying that are the ignorant fools cuz they cant respect the fact that someone doesnt like TOOL just like u may or may not like The Dead r some other Jam Band, and by the way at Bonnaroo last year i talked to tons of Radiohead fans that were there to see them and Death Cab for Cutie that stuff, i was never intrested in Death Cab, but i thought Radiohead was gonna be cool but truthfully didnt really enjoy the show, when asked what i was here to see i said the likes of Umphreys, Les, Bela, Disco, Brothers Past and these people were like "u came here to see jam bands?" Like i was some freak, my point with this is u guys make it sound like its only Jam Band fans that put down other peoples music when EVERY SCENE does it, it justs how it works, Im sure there r gonna be numerous people there to see Tool that are gonna be making fun of people that are going to see String Cheese or North Missippi All Stars just as much as anyone that is there to see Cheese or another jam band is gonna make fun and disagree with the people that are there to see Tool. So lets all go enjoy are tunes.

bobertjohnson Sat 2/24/2007 02:30PM
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I definetely don't go to festis purely to do drugs, that's just ass, and I totally resent that. I like music more than most people, I play drums/percussion in two bands, both of which are tryin to get into such festis. I'm in it for the music, but why not do some doses or something while I'm there? And you guys make it seem like you're all angels that have never touched a drug or something. And Cheese is still hands down the best band at Roo this year.

fuzzycheez Sat 2/24/2007 03:14PM
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well, if your going to the roo and like Tool, see em'. If you despise them, then utilize that time to rest up for the late shows. Since they are headling, they'll be the only ones on for 3 hours. No matter what be thankful their there. That what the roo is about, diversity.

lexslamman Sat 2/24/2007 04:27PM
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Why not have Phil and Tool headline together? I would love to see a show like this:

Phil/Trey/Medeski Set 1>>
Tool Set 1 >>
Phil/Trey/Medeski Set 2 >>
Tool Set 2 + Encore >>
Phil/Trey/Medeski Encore >>
Tool/Phil/Trey/Medeski Encore

JakeCinningerisgod Sat 2/24/2007 05:35PM
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HAHA it would be awesome to see Phil and Medeski to jam with Tool. I could totally see Trey doing it ne way if he isnt in jail.

bobertjohnson Sat 2/24/2007 06:13PM
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ha ernest goes to jail..classic

Jammer1086 Sat 2/24/2007 06:49PM
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haha ernest goes to jail! that shit is funny! i got to remember that! that would make a great 10 cartoon. and what lexslamman said would be tight, i'd lve to hear how that would turn out.

lexslamman Sat 2/24/2007 07:52PM
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ernest goes to jail still has me laughing. good one!

Werchter629 Sat 2/24/2007 07:56PM
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Danny Carey can do more technical shit than anybody in the jam scene ever though about!! oh by the way he is in a "jamband"
VOLTO! check it out on myspace one listen and you can't deny!!


bobertjohnson Sat 2/24/2007 08:41PM
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Jason Woodside Sat 2/24/2007 09:55PM
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Jason Woodside Sat 2/24/2007 09:56PM
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hellyeah Sun 2/25/2007 02:05AM
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take a big deep breath and calm down littledummerboy.....

funkmeup Sun 2/25/2007 06:16AM
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Just by looking at the number of comments with thumbs up versus those down, I think it's safe to say that the consensus is that TOOL will be welcomed by most at bonnaroo.

When are folks going to realize that jambase does not cover only jambands and that bonnaroo is not a jamband-only festival?

Bunch a damn haters.

kaiserbun Sun 2/25/2007 09:22AM
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this is fun, keep it up everyone. i love reading this shit. honestly, does it really matter who's better than who. they're all professional musicians and all very good. you like what you like, that's all that really matters

JakeCinningerisgod Sun 2/25/2007 11:39AM
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Well i will be one to welcome Tool and any other music i havnt seen live before. Funkmeup people r pissed because Jambase and Bonnaroo did start of as just jamband website and festivel. U have to expect people to get pissed when they r bringn bands like Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie. Radiohead is talented i no but there show was soooooooo boring it never picks up and i found it almost impossible to dance and have a good time 2.

Werchter629 Sun 2/25/2007 01:14PM
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Never did I say that TOOL was a Jamband


They are a "Jamband"!! Do your research before you start labeling people by what little you know about them or what they do! Bob


Werchter629 Sun 2/25/2007 01:18PM
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Just because a drummer has a masters degree
does not mean he's a master!

and I Fuckin' love Kris Meyers!! But still he is no Danny Carey

birdsongjb Sun 2/25/2007 03:15PM
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Never paid attention to them, but I think it will be very Fun! THEY MIGHT PULL OUT A DEAD SONG FOR US!

BUJ starstarstarstarstar Sun 2/25/2007 09:31PM
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Tool is very talented and I've seen them over 10 times... not sure exactly. Honestly, though... if you haven't seen them live, you shouldn't be judging whether they should play or not at Bonaroo. It's actually an amazing light and visual show and I feel it would fit right in. It's also deep, thought provoking music. I'm sure some of you would change your mind if you saw them. Enjoy!

BUJ starstarstarstarstar Sun 2/25/2007 09:39PM
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Here's some pics:

And for video:

bobertjohnson Sun 2/25/2007 10:58PM
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inoculator yeah you love Myers so much you can't even spell his name right.

mysticalphysics Mon 2/26/2007 12:40AM
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That would be sick if Tool did a dead song at roo! I like a little more positive music myself, but Tool makes some good tunes. Cant wait to see what they are like at roo. I also wonder if they will have some others play with them like most headliners in the past. Could you imagine Bob wier coming out and playing with them? That would be insane! I'd like to add that Danny is one of the most impressive drummers I have ever heard, and I hope he makes a quick recovery.

cliftonhanger starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/26/2007 07:43AM
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cliftonhanger Mon 2/26/2007 07:50AM
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This is what is written about Tool on Jambase. Should we ask Metallica to headline next year? Only if Marilyn Manson comes too. We can rename Bonnaroo to TOOLFEST. Everyone wear black and bring your pentagrams. "Tool didn't. They embraced the artsy, faux-bohemian preoccupations of Jane's Addiction while they simultaneously paid musical homage to the dark, relentlessly bleak visions of grindcore, death metal, and thrash."
This is all sarcasm, F**K TOOL.

cliftonhanger Mon 2/26/2007 07:56AM
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I also think Cheese is Cheese, Sorry. I think another guy said it best, trying to be phish with a fiddle, with nothing that original. Phish was way more original. Michael Kane can play guitar, i'll give him that, but it's been done before. Tool might actually be more talented than cheese. Tool doesn't really fit the scene, but Cheese tries too hard to fit the scene.

mysticalphysics Mon 2/26/2007 08:28AM
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cliftonhanger, for a guy that claims to be a hippie you sure are negative. Im not trying to say that tool fits the seen at roo, in fact I dont think they fit the seen at all. But that doesnt change the fact that they are going to be there (as will I) and rather than bitch about them being their I kept and open mind and got a hold of some of their music. While their harder stuff does not suit my tastes I do like their more drum dominated and less agressive stuff. I for one dont bash music until I have given it a try. Danny is amazing on the drums, and is the main reason I enjoy their music. And no I dont smoke crack, never have.

YEMolly Mon 2/26/2007 09:10AM
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I like Cheese okay, but yes, Tool is more talented than Cheese. They may not be a jamband, but they definitely put on a psychedelic live show. Soooo don't knock it until you try it. Like someone said on another board, "Better bring some sunscreen b/c Tool is going to melt your face off." :)

terrapintripp starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/26/2007 10:03AM
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all the hippies i know are preety diverse in their taste of music..and they all seem to like tool. if you can't appreciate tool's psychadelic music, you aren't a true hippie! peace.

Jenny Jen Mon 2/26/2007 10:13AM
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Jenny Jen

Tool is a great band regardless of taste or opinion. But I'm looking forward to the Rage Against the Machine/Wu Tang Clan show in August...

Mr. Holland's O-Face starstarstar Mon 2/26/2007 10:28AM
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Mr. Holland's O-Face

Please God no Bonnaroo for Tool! I dont know who considers Tools music to be "psychadelic" but from all the shit Ive heard, its way to whack to be anything close to psychadelic. But whats one mans trash is another mans treasure.

bonar1 starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/26/2007 11:59AM
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Ive seen atleast 720 shows, And I can say Tool Has one of fucking best Ive seen.What now. Rate me? Ha.

blower starstarstarstar Mon 2/26/2007 01:21PM
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Hilarious-"This is the bad element that ripped down the fence at Deercreek 95' (GD) and got Phish kicked out of both Red Rocks and Jazzfest in 96'".

Oh yeah I forgot it was all the Tool fans that bum rushed the gates at the GD shows in 95 and got Phished banned from Red Rocks. Must have have been the same Tool fans at the GD at Oakland Coleseum in 1990 too. Wow you Tool fans sure are prevelent. All those damn gothic deadheads and phish fans the are everywhere. Clifton you have issues with reality dude. Seriously.

Umphreys is a hard rock band and Micheal Travis is a drum god. I learn something new everyday.

Music is about taste. This Deadhead loves Tool. Tool kicks ass and Carey is a badass drummer. Quit speaking for Jerry when you don't know shit about him. Nothing against Meyers or Travis, but they don't have anything on Danny Carey. Sorry Bobert my vote goes to Billy Cobham as the best drummer, not Neil Peart. But Neil is sweet too.

I agree with the commenters that say the obssessive wankery of the pathetic JAMBAND children really give hippies a bad name. They are not hippies and know nothing about peace love or music. They just preted to look cool. Tool belongs at the Roo more than you do. AFterall they are getting paid to be there.

Love the thumbs!!!!!!!!!!

TravlynnJoe Mon 2/26/2007 01:28PM
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Launch Radio Networks reports: TOOL drummer Danny Carey apparently injured himself while lifting something at home, according to sources close to the band. Carey tore his bicep last week, requiring surgery and forcing the group to postpone its North American tour, which was scheduled to begin on March 15 in Las Vegas. Carey went under the knife last Wednesday (February 21), and Launch understands that doctors will examine him this week to determine just how much time he'll need to recuperate.

TOOL may run into trouble rescheduling its tour for later this spring, as many of the arenas it was booked into are on hold for either hockey or basketball playoffs at that time.

A representative for the band said TOOL is asking fans to be patient and hold onto their tickets, although refunds are available at the point of purchase.

Once Carey has recovered, the group plans to keep touring worldwide through June of 2008.

The group is still scheduled to perform at the 2007 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, held between June 14 and June 17 in Manchester, Tennessee.

yemmw Mon 2/26/2007 03:22PM
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The thumbs are pointless. If I were relentlessy negative troll, I probably would not care if I had bunches of thumbs down. In fact, I think it would encourage me to piss off more people.

apparition06 Mon 2/26/2007 03:27PM
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Thank you so much for your music, I love it! I also enjoy your videos and DVDs very much. I look forward to seeing you live and hopefully at Bonnaroo this year. I wish Danny Carey a speedy recovery and many blessing to all of you. I appreciate what you are doing for music and the scene. Your music is great to listen to with headphones! Rediscover communication :>) ....

A Fellow Music Lover and Musician,
Stephen Adamski

bobertjohnson Mon 2/26/2007 05:13PM
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dboy1 Mon 2/26/2007 07:50PM
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I was participating in the verbal battle over why some people hate on music so much, but I finally reallized something. I am actually glad these boners don't want to see Tool, it is less people that are going to be at the show and in the way. Fuckin enjoy Cheese bro, spin and wave your noodles all around.

JakeCinningerisgod Mon 2/26/2007 10:45PM
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cliftonhanger Mike KANG does not play the guitar he plays an electric 5 string mandolin he does pick up the guitar occasional but his main instrument is the mandolin

JakeCinningerisgod Mon 2/26/2007 10:48PM
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Tool doing a Dead song is the dumbest idea ive ever heard, not that i dont like Tool just the fact that its not their style of music, it would be stupid

kaiserbun Tue 2/27/2007 07:33AM
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some of these comments are pretty ignorant. i'm not going to bash tool just because i'm not a big fan of their music. they are very talented, i just don't care for that type of music. cliftonhanger's comments on cheese are ridiculous. just because kang's sound is like trey's doesn't mean they are trying to be phish with a fiddle. they are diverse and can play any type of music out there. plus everyone in the band is a virtuoso on their instrument, with the exception of moseley. comparing these type bands to tool is something that really shouldn't be done. they are absolutely nothing alike. there have been some comments about other bands that are pretty similar. if you like tool that's great, but saying these other bands aren't talented just because you don't like them is absurd. all your doing is showing your ignorance about music.

HarreHoood7 Tue 2/27/2007 07:59AM
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nfenne Tue 2/27/2007 09:20AM
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Michael Travis & Kris Myers are both very good drummers. I've seen travis w/ Zilla and that was very impressive. I've seen UM maybe 7 times and I just started getting into them maybe the last 4 times I've seen them. Kris Myers is also very good.

What Danny Carey does that really impresses me how he can play in and out of odd time signatures and still make it sound musical. After he added the drum triggers to his kit you get a an eight limbed beast that plays with more force than a Mack truck.

I can how people wouod assume that tool is no different than any other hard rock band out there but if you scratch the surface you will find four unique spiritual people that make music for all the RIGHT reasons. I saw them for the first time this year and I will say that it was a spiritual experience. $40 t-shirts is bullshit but the music was 1st rate.

dboy1 Tue 2/27/2007 10:11AM
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Kaiserbun have you read any of the comments going on this page. It is not the fans of Tool who are doing the bashing it is the others who are bashing Tool. If you read some of the earlier comments that is were the hippy, crackhead things started. Some idiot said that the fans of Tool were responsible for Deercreek and Phish being band. Get your facts straight before adding your 2 cents. I still say that all of you haters SHOULD NOT GO TO THE TOOL SHOW. Stay out of the way and let those who get it recieve it and the world will move forward.

dboy1 Tue 2/27/2007 10:18AM
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bobertjohnson Tue 2/27/2007 11:59AM
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dboy1 Tue 2/27/2007 12:11PM
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festivalqueen starstar Tue 2/27/2007 12:51PM
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i don't really care for them as much as i once maybe did, but still somewhat like them...needless to say i am very shocked when i heard they were doing bonnaroo this year...along with police headling...shits crazy....but....hope all goes well for them this tour.

metzger77 starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/27/2007 01:01PM
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ToolaRoo!! this will be my forth year at roo and by far the best. it gets better every year. for you tool haters (hell I don't care)hate all you want. stay in your tent and cry.

acomma starstar Tue 2/27/2007 03:59PM
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metzger, I believe your comment is really the only one that makes sense out of these hundred or so: "stay in your tent and cry." People just love to bitch about everything, i.e. who is a "better" drummer, which band is "better" and so forth. Music is music, people like what they will like, and there is not one band who is "better" than anyone else. For the people who do speculate on such a meaningless topic, ask yourself this: what is the true definition of better? Or even the definition of greatest, in that regard. Tool does one thing, Cheese does another. Just enjoy the music you prefer, because everybody likes different things.

wilson021 starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/27/2007 09:25PM
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i love tool

HarreHoood7 Tue 2/27/2007 10:03PM
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No ones bashing Tool because there fans of Tool. Were bashing the crappy sellout Bonnaroo. Supposed to be a Jamfest. Not a heavy, rap concert with some jamfest bands thrown in. Bonnaroo started out as a nice jamfest. After 2003 it started to really suck. That's why they have Ozzfest so you can see bands like Tool at a festival with bands that play with similar styles. Bonnaroo has turned into worse then a Lollapalozza. You don't see Widespread Panic or Umphrey's McGee at Ozzfest. I would be disappointed if they did play Ozzfest as a fan of Ozzfest or as a fan of Panic and Umhrey's. If you're a Ozzfest fan then you have to sit through about 6 hours of music you dislike. If you;re a Panic or Umphrey's fan you have to sit through almost a whole day of music you don't enjoy to hear two bands that you like. That's why Bonnaroo sucks. They don't accomodate to the fans. When I'm paying good money and traveling 600 miles, I want to see and hear things I enjoy. Bonnaroo is Woodstock '99 waiting to happen all over again. I'll stick with 10,000 Lakes.

JakeCinningerisgod Tue 2/27/2007 10:45PM
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HAHAHA dboy... what an ignorant fool, Cheese is some of the best progressive rock/bluegrass bands ive ever heard, i have a serious question to Tool fans, do they change up the setlists when they tour r do they just change songs within a setlist and where can i find tool setlists?

jeaves17 Wed 2/28/2007 12:38AM
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Nicely said Metzger.

I have seen Tool seven times. I am looking forward to an opportunity to dance my fucking ass off during their late night show. Expand your horizons. Tool often quotes Timothy Leary, "think for yourself, question authority". I read a lot of the negative entries above and think that maybe the authority these people should consider questioning is their adherence to a particular sub-genre of a wider musical scene. Jerry is dead and he is not coming back. Cheese and Panic and all the fantastic bands that are so often given the label "jambands" are not the end of the musical spectrum. Jazz, as played by Tool, sounds more like Coltrane than Davis, but they share the common Mingus flare for composition. Tribal music, especially the polyrhthmic music of Africa, India and the Native Americans, will dominate their set (Danny is a tabla master, and Danny, Adam and Justin perform loops with impeccable timing on par with Keller). Should Danny recover in time, I am confident that he will demonstrate, to anyone that cares to open their 3rd eye a little, what it sounds like when a musician finds not only his musical voice, but his spiritual center.

And, finally, their message is about love. If you don't hear that, listen to Maynard scream "there is no love in fear" at the end of Pushit (perhaps the song I most want to see them play). He is not advocating whatever violence the song speaks of.

As for any insinuation that the fans that are going to come see Tool are going to cause a riot like Woodstock 99 is absurd. The Tool fans that come to Bonnaroo are not going to be any different in temperament or demeanor than any other Roo visitor.

HarreHoood7: Ween, Umphrey's, Blackalicious and J5 were all at the first Bonnaroo. Heavy freaky rock and conscious hip hop has always had a place at Bonnaroo. They're not offering up Slayer and 50 Cent.

JakeCinningerisgod Wed 2/28/2007 01:21PM
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You cant compare Tool to Umphreys and Ween they r different types of music. Ween may be more similar to Tool because they dont really "jam" but the lyrics are all comical. The majority of Umphreys lyrics r also comical but they r more similar to Zappa than any other music, they "jam" much like Zappa. They have any similiar traits as Tool but comparing them to Tool is just not right. Umphreys spends its time writing music on stage and taking chances night in and night out. Tool takes 4 years and constantly delays albums to make new music. Im not saying that Tool isnt talented cuz i like them, they good music but bonnaroo was orginally based around "jam" bands or bands in the scene, Tool does not jam i was looking at setlists from their last tour and they play many of the same songs night in and night out which i understand because they r out promoting ablums and whatnot. People in the "jam" scene dont want to see similar setlists everynight thats why many of them dont like Tool, plus they think the music is hateful and not talented because they dont "jam" which is stupid i agree, but at the same time u have to understand why some people r pissed that The Dead and Trey r being replaced by Tool and last year Radiohead (which was horrible).

laura kelch starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/28/2007 07:32PM
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laura kelch

Please music lovers! Keep your minds and ears open to this amazing band! As a 20 year deadhead and festival goer TOOL is a completely transcendental, mind expanding, JAM BAND!
"Divide and Wither Away"

gOdWesSaTaN Wed 2/28/2007 09:32PM
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stop bitching go to the shows you like i dont like tool but i will watch if they play roo to see if they can change my mind. Tool belong at roo just as much as anyone else remeber people listen to other music and your not always right and give them a chance and if they suck feel free to talk shit about it as much as you want

jugsta Thu 3/1/2007 12:40PM
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My Two cents... I haven't read this whole thread yet but I had to go ahead and put some stuff down. I don't know why people are so scared of dark music. I understand that people go to these festival to break free from "normal" and maybe "not-so-good" culture. But the reality is, there is some things in this world that sucks and that deserves to be expressed artistically as well. That is what kills me about the whole hippie-thing. Things aren't great. Right now there is bad stuff happening around the world, and just because you can go noodle at a show and dance like a goof doesn't mean that bad stuff just goes away. Tool deserves to be at Bonnaroo because they DO fill the other end of the continuom of human emotion. I know I will be noodlin' and acting goofy at some of the "lighter" shows but I am gonna be gettin' straight psyched out for some Tool as well. Not only that, but I find Tool to be very self-empowering music. And it most certainly doesn't promote satanism (too answer some of my cynic friends). I said this in another thread, but here it is again; The particular sound of band you don't like may make you misunderstand them, and if that is the case, it is best you not try to analyze or criticize them. The band that I look to see second at Bonnaroo would be The Flaming Lips and I would venture to say that they are at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the way that the music "sounds". Seeya there Tool fans!

jugsta Thu 3/1/2007 12:56PM
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JakeCinningerisgod - That truely is my one gripe with Tool, sometimes it seems like the could do a little more for their fans. They basically played the same set during the fall tour. I saw them in Columbus for the first time and it was awesome but I definately knew what was comin'. Oh well, I am goin' to see them again and wouldn't care if they did the same thing again. But I do want to hear Third Eye.

earlgonefishn starstarstar Thu 3/1/2007 04:03PM
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Why not put Tool and SCI on opposing stages one night? I've been to 4 Roos, and I know they don't have anyone else on during a headliner's set, but this would solve a lot of it for me. I don't want any chance of hearing SCI at all. If you can hate on Tool, I'll hate on SCI. I tried to like them, but gave up. Buncha fairy b.s. to me. And the damned hula hoops, bubbles, and fairy wings make me sick. That's my opinion. I hope Danny's in tip-top shape for Roo.

Jill11 Thu 3/1/2007 04:59PM
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Everyone: You have to check out this band that I saw in Knoxville a few nights ago. Their name is G-Roc. It is a guy who plays electronic drums and a keyboard player who lays down loops. They are freakin' awesome! I am personally going to tell everyone I know to check them out. Peace!

Treehugger1128 Thu 3/1/2007 05:44PM
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Boy, are you all in for a dissapointment. Tool is a great band, but they are by absolutely no means a "jam" band. I've seen them 5 times over a course of 4 years, and they put on just about one of the most sleep-inducing shows you can imagine.

When you listen to them live, it's like hearing the CD. Nothing varies from the studio version of the song, and the set list never changes. Everything is very regimented, and Maynard literally rocks back and forth for about 2 hours while psychadelic lightshows bore you to tears. Panic is going to upstage Tool.

delidrum Thu 3/1/2007 07:09PM
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cliftonhagner sorry miss quot. I have been listing to Tool around 95-96 on RPI radio up in troy NY.and you are right about levon. being a dummer there are the great's.I think Danny will go down as one.I did'nt know Trey like them.

emeccio Thu 3/1/2007 07:48PM
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if you're not a hippie and/or if you're going to hate on them, you shouldn't be going to roo in the first place. if you're so into live music and festies, then you should respect the fact that hippies are the #1 supporters and creators of these events. that one's for you dboy... you have can roo... people like you have ruined it anyway

delidrum Thu 3/1/2007 11:01PM
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have you seen Trey's new shit live,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but it Trey.

dboy1 Fri 3/2/2007 12:54PM
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emeccio, being a hippy or not has nothing to do with going to a show or if I should be there. Go ahead and read some of the stellar comments other have made. I have been going to shows for about 18 or 19 years, so I am pretty sure I belong as much as anyone. My comments were ment to be amusing in response to others, but oh well. Don't go pointy fingers about people like me ruinning shows when you damn sure don't even no me. I can also tell you that I am one of those people who was at the first Roo's as well as more Dead shows then I can remeber and the only "hippies" I saw at those shows were little beggers in there 4-runners. Now if you are referring to all the other kind people I have met and seen at these shows, they have nothing to do with being hippy. All I have been saying in this little forum is that you should not judge a band just because you think the people who go to the shows don't fit your scene. And last but not least, if you are not even going what the hell are you posting on a forum that is all about Bonnaroo. Go away

cavemandan Fri 3/2/2007 10:25PM
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greatest story ever told = "last thing we need is a left hand monkey wrench"
easy wind = jackhammer
ramble on rose= chains (could be used as a tool)
good music to listen to in the toolshed
peter o'tool
snap on tools
mac tools
craftsman tools
tool belt
TOOL was soundchecking a stella last tour i heard
HAVE TOOL WILL WORK ( HOW do you dance to the music?)

cavemandan Fri 3/2/2007 10:57PM
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pokesmot42008 starstarstarstarstar Sat 3/3/2007 08:23AM
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dboy1 Sat 3/3/2007 10:48AM
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cavemandan you are an idiot. have you ever even heard a tool song? YOU ARE A DOUCHE. Stop being a dumb shit. Is there even a band that would have such stupid lyrics. I am so glad so many of you "enlightened" people who aren't even going have so much to say. Stay in your box , listen to your shit, beg for your food and smell the world up.

cavemandan Mon 3/5/2007 03:47PM
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douche is good?...means shower in french...Tu douche?... no reason why next years roo shouldnt have Maralyn Manson or Megadeath...Tool is breaking new ground.... I admire them for taking the chance to play in front of the the Roo crowd... I said Tool is awesome dBOY1... Maynard is GOD!... I am not scared of being absorbed into the occult.... I survived ac/dc, I am sure we all could survive TOOL....just doesn't seem like the correct billing though.... roo is a Jamfest...Tool plays inside the box and takes no musical chances...look at the set lists.... Sorry I still represent the dreadie, headie, smellie, hippy dippy, guaty, birky, vegie taco, spinny whirly, smiley, huggy, pachouli crowd... i seriously hope the TOOLHEADS do not want to get violent at the show...that is my biggest fear... getting all the kids high on xtc, molly, k, L, H, C, A, D to have to fight the gotchic, arm cutting, blood drinking, black masscare wearing, hot topic fashion victims, with like blue and orange hair fueled by aggresive , dark gothic lyrics and power chords virtuosos.... i just want to have a good time and giggle and laugh dance... maybe waka will add TOOL to their line up and we can trade and get BISCO in there... who helped build roo to what it is today by being on the bill the 1st year roo even existed, not coming in now and absorbing the headline spot because some major label corporate gaga is forcing us to cram the stuff down our ears... peace love and Jerry

doglog Tue 3/6/2007 07:25PM
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I'd reqest this for you cave, the grudge •

Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity.
Calculate what we will or will not tolerate.
Desperate to control all and everything.
Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen.

Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down.
Justify denials and grip 'em to the lonesome end.
Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down.
Terrified of being wrong. Ultimatum prison cell.

Saturn ascends, choose one or ten. Hang on or be humbled again.

Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down.
Justify denials and grip 'em to the lonesome end.
Saturn ascends, comes round again.
Saturn ascends, the one, the ten. Ignorant to the damage done.

Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity.
Calculate what we will or will not tolerate.
Desperate to control all and everything.
Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen.

Wear the grudge like a crown. Desperate to control.
Unable to forgive. And we're sinking deeper.

Defining, confining, controlling, and we're sinking deeper.

Saturn comes back around to show you everything
Let's you choose what you will not see and then
Drags you down like a stone or lifts you up again
Spits you out like a child, light and innocent.

Saturn comes back around. Lifts you up like a child or
Drags you down like a stone
To consume you till you choose to let this go.

Give away the stone.
Let the oceans take and transmutate this cold and fated anchor.
Give away the stone.
Let the waters kiss and transmutate these leaden grudges into gold.
Let go.

"Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!" Peace..

doglog Tue 3/6/2007 07:32PM
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Edit, 'request'

cavemandan Tue 3/6/2007 08:34PM
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dayum that s**t wuz deep man....has saturn and everything....deeper deeper...and a corner stone like let go of the stone ...go saturn go!...get that negitivity man!...i love transmutations.....i'm sold!...why aint the TOOLs playing 2 nites ar toolaroooooooooooooo????....i hope MTV gets them live on TV....that would be so cool ...OMFG i love <3 TOOL......
"Nothing left to do but smile smile smile"

wickedwatson Wed 3/7/2007 07:04AM
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Tool have rescheduled about a dozen or so of their Spring dates. They will be in Baton Rouge on May 24th, leading me to believe that we can count on them making their appearance at Bonnaroo as promised.

P.S... Whoever thinks Tool blows and should not even be on the bill for the Roo must be smoking crack. Tool are heroes and trail-blazers. Amen.

TravlynnJoe Wed 3/7/2007 12:09PM
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TOOL has rescheduled 10 live dates postponed last month after drummer Danny Carey tore a bicep. The itinerary will now begin April 30 in Reno, Nev., and run through May 24 in Baton Rouge, La. Additional dates are pending.

TOOL's rescheduled tour dates:

April 30 - Reno @ Reno Event Center
May 02 - San Diego @ Cox Arena
May 05 - Las Cruces @ Pan American Center
May 06 - Tucson @ Convention Center Arena
May 08 - Albuquerque @ Tingley Coliseum
May 15 - Southaven @ DeSoto Center
May 19 - Oklahoma City @ Ford Center
May 21 - San Antonio @ AT&T Center
May 22 - Corpus Christi @ American Bank Center
May 24 - Baton Rouge @ River Center

cavemandan Wed 3/7/2007 01:11PM
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freedom of speech yo...write whatever lyrics you want to...nobody is telling anybody what they can and cant write ...unless of course, you feel you are in charge?...i love the people who complain about people complaining

cavemandan Wed 3/7/2007 02:40PM
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wickedwatson Thu 3/8/2007 08:11AM
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You said it, H.B.
Cavemandan: Although I disagree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it... but... go to a Tool show. Bootlegged video and audio suck. And H.B. is right--look into some of Tool's lyrics, and you will see a positive, inspiring, uplifting side. One of the many things that make Tool great is the fact that they're honest. They don't pretend that the world is all tulips and lemonade. The world can be cruel and unforgiving, but also beautiful, mysterious, and wonderous. Anyone who has given them a chance knows that this is one of their main messages.

Zaxl starstarstar Fri 3/9/2007 10:58AM
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different strokes for different folks... many stages, many choices. personally i will choose to be as close to Tool as possible and trust me, i won't be catching any bad vibes. unless seeing the very fabric of the universe unfold before my starry eyes in a swirling lattice of thunderous polyrhythms, lasers and sacred geometric projections counts as a bad thing. Go ahead, try the Green Eggs and Ham. you might like it!

Jeruth Fri 3/9/2007 04:48PM
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so easy a caveman can do it! haha. but really. what the probablem with rap music. otherthan the popular mtv. there is quality sounds out there. brooklyn. buddha. scene. seen.

jeaves17 Fri 3/16/2007 01:59PM
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Zaxl... my thoughts exactly. I guess experiencing the infinite isn't for everyone.

lindsay_kimmell Tue 3/20/2007 01:39PM
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wow, I am so amazed about the negative comments I am seeing posted here about Tool. This will be my first time to go to Bonnaroo (17th time to see WSP) but one of the main things that drew me to this festival was the fact that Tool and Clutch were going to be there. How diverse huh. One of my favorite things about my fellow spread heads was how great of a vibe you get at these shows. Like everyone left there differences at the door and embraced the fact that we are all united with our love for good music. I have never felt judged or looked down upon at a show. In face the exact opposite. Its like you know that everyone wants you to get it and express yourself in whatever way is right for you. "Finally find a place in time, to call our own" If you really listen to Tool a lot of it promotes the same "thinking outside the box" that a lot of jam bands do Calling someone a "tool" because they have different means of selfexpression is really a step backwards. Has no one hear heard maynard's perfect circle cd that has nothing but peace promoting covers on it. He covers the beatles for god's sake. "You may say that I'm a dreamer" "I can't man hates a man" "Whats so hard about peace love and understanding?" I am not that familiar with Perfect circle so I can't really go into basing my argument on it but the lyrics speak for themselves. "Speak I know I am going on and on now, but just because you don't like a band you act like they are going to ruin the whole festival for you. I understand how Tool could sound intimidating but you really have to listen to what is being said. Same thing when I introduced my boyfriend to Panic. When he heard them in my car and I would ask him what he thought he would shrug them off and kinda be like yeah there good whatever. But then i took him to NY in ATL (great first show I must say) and it was so great to see his face light up and look at me and be like yeah they are really good. He actually listend to them. He saw how they do things, appreciated it, and had a great time even though he really loves tool. I would understand if Tool promoted violence and had sadistic messages but thats not the case. The just don't sugar coat it for you. I think we need that balance in music that addresses self discovery from the "darker" side if you will. No one can say on the path to finding out who you truely are you were never the least bit frustrated with the disillusionment it brought. Never dissapointed in the evils exposed and just the bullshit that comes with the loss of inosence of your youth. Striving not to become just another product of society. Don't let Tool intimidate you. Let it fuel you. Let their music and message be a "tool" to help you out of this "bull shit three ring side show circus" And on a lighter note they are excellent to trip to I must say, you would know if you had ever ridden the are some lyrics from tool followed by panic and I would like some feedback on if anyone can see the connection:

Spiral (Laturalus) TOOL--------------------------------
Black then white are all I see in my infancy.
red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me.
lets me see there is so much more
and beckons me to look through to these infinite possibilities.
As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
drawn outside the lines of reason.
Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.
Withering my intuition leaving all these opportunities behind.

Feed my will to feel this moment urging me to cross the line.
Reaching out to embrace the random.
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.

I embrace my desire to
feel the rhythm, to feel connected
enough to step aside and weep like a widow
to feel inspired, to fathom the power,
to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain,
to swing on the spiral
of our divinity and still be a human.

With my feet upon the ground I lose myself
between the sounds and open wide to suck it in.
I feel it move across my skin.
I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.

Pigeons WSP--------------------
Wake up, come down
The grass hasn't grown too high
Well, ease your body down
If you want to you can unhook your safety line
Well, ease your body down
The grass all around us is just green and fine

We've all been waiting
We've been wondering - will we ever know the truth?
What it's like washing windows
When you know that there are pigeons on the roof?

Your reflection's looking clearer
Now that you're working on a cloudy day
And those ninth-floor office ladies
They only hear what your beady little eyes gonna say
You better wave your hands if you need a breeze
Better spread real wings if you wanna to fly
You'll remember how to fly tonight in your dreams
You know you're dreaming
When there's nothing there worth buying

We've all been waiting
We've been wondering - will we ever know the truth?
What it's like washing windows
When you know that there are pigeons on the roof?

Wake up - leave your body lying there
It's like another - just another wrinkle in the sheets
Wake up - I'm gonna poke you if you don't wake up
You remember how to fly?

jeffano Thu 3/22/2007 01:52PM
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Just a reminder Tool isn't available on iTunes so if the lineup for Bonnaroo is like iTunes threw up then Tool wouldn't be there. Further with regards to a Tool concert putting you to sleep, that would be one hell of a dream you'd slip into dozing at a Tool concert. Also, though Tool is highly technical they without a doubt improvise. Their technical expertise may reduce the chances of them sounding like a jamband but their live shows are amazing. This will be my fifth Roo and the lineup continues to evolve and grow. All of the Roo's so far have been great (though the muddy one was a little messy - ya hear me) and 2007 will not disapoint. I've seen String Cheese front row and loved them and they rock but a Tool concert is an amazing display of creativity (music, film, lighting) that is hard to match. Probably my favorite live band, followed or tied with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. As several of you have pointed out there won't be anyone else on at the same time, so you should check them out. If you don't go to see them I'm sure you'll be able to hear them from the campground. Open your ears and your mind.

MattO starstar Mon 5/21/2007 03:10PM
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Bonnaroo was never about focusing on one type of show, its always been diverse expanding peoples minds about this great thing we call music. If you dont want to catch the tool show go catch something diffrent, thats why i love this fest, always something new to see. But everyone that goes to bonnaroo will be suprised how well tool will fit in. This will be my fifth broo and my third tool show neither will disapoint. Also i thought the "jam" scene was the one with open minded people. what happened to that?

And to the people that talk about the 02` and 03` lineups being jam, look a little closer. In 02` Ween (more moshing than a tool show) and C2B3, not quite jam. And in 03` much of the same with the lips and the roots. Trust me jerry wouldnt be rolling in his grave, he would be right up front enjoying the show with a open mind like the other 80,000 people there.

Have a good roo.