High Sierra Music Fest | 07.02-07.05 | CA

Nathan Moore - Solo/Surprise Me Mr. Davis
Nathan Moore :: HSMF 2009 by Krolick
1. Dr. Dog - I was meant to hear this band on July 3, 2009. Wow. I'll be sneaking into their homes while they're sleeping.
2. Mike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Revue - I loved his Sunday set on so many levels. I'm just so grateful and I'm still, and maybe will always be, dancing a little bit because of it.
3. The Slip - Saturday night The Slip showed me, once again, that they are simply one of the great bands. No one else plays music like they do.

Marco Benevento
1. Everest (Vaudeville Tent)
2. Surprise Me Mr. Davis (Grandstand)
3. Ani DiFranco

Reed Mathis - Tea Leaf Green/Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
1. The Slip / Surprise Me Mr. Davis
2. Stanton Moore's Drum Playshop
3. Getting to play so many shows in one weekend with so many good friends!!!

Josh Clark - Tea Leaf Green

Garrod & Clark - TLG :: HSMF 2009 by Miller
1. Mike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Revue
2. Pimps of Joytime
3. My muumuu

Dan Lebowitz - ALO/Lebo
1. These United States
2. Dr. Dog
3. Andy Gadiel's Camp Harry Sunday Night sing-along (featuring Andy G., Brownie, The Barber, Lebo, Zach Gill, The Brothers Barr, Nathan Moore, Freddie Torphy, Swordfish, Trevor Garrod, and a whole bunch of other folks)

Steve Adams - ALO/Big Light
1. Dr. Dog, both sets! Great to finally see them live. I especially liked the "chill-out" portion of their set, where the band jammed low and the guitarist/pianist chatted it up with the crowd. I think I liked the citrus head joke, I think.
2. Saturday early morning minstrel jam on the kickball field with Vince from Leftover Salmon, Nathan and Brad from Surprise Me Mr. Davis, and assorted other characters. I liked the Frampton moment, "Do You Feel Like We Do!"
3. It's a toss-up... Josh Clark leading Guitarmageddon on Iron Maiden's "Aces High" was incredible, the Umphrey's playshop on hand signals was great, The Slip and Dave Brogan Band sets at the Vaudeville Tent were sickle... But I'm gonna have to go with Dusty Rhodes and his overall vibe and dance moves during the Sunday morning Gospel Sessions, that alone pretty much made my day.

Bradly Bifulco - Big Light

Big Light at Camp Harry :: HSMF 2009 by Krolick
1. Dr. Dog
2. Surprise Me Mr. Davis
3. Playing with Big Light at Camp Harry late night!

Kayceman - JamBase Editor-in-Chief
1. Surprise Me Mr. Davis/The Slip
2. Dr. Dog
3. Vieux Farka Touré

Andy Gadiel - JamBase Founder
1. The Disco Biscuits Main Stage Sunday closer
2. Guitarmageddon (go Swordfish!)
3. Playing guitar for my musical heroes Sunday late night at Camp Harry

Deanne Herman - JamBase
1. The line "Why you think we need amazing grace just to tell it like it is" from Dr. Dog during both their late night and Big Meadow sets. Dr. Dog was the super special addition to HS this year!
2. The epic "Hot Air Balloon" sandwich from Bisco on the Main Stage Sunday.
3. High Sierra co-founder Dave Margulies' heartfelt speech bringing The Slip back out for an encore after their sunset Sunday set on the Big Meadow stage.

Tanner Wyer - JamBase Sales

Galactic :: HSMF 2009 by Miller
1. Surprise Me Mr. Davis - I believe in the magic of music.
2. Dr. Dog!
3. Jeremy "Swordfish" Korpas - Big Light & Guitarmageddon shredder extraordinaire.

Patty Kaufman - JamBase Information Coordinator
1. Dr. Dog
2. Surprise Me Mr. Davis/The Slip/Big Light
3. Pretty Lights

Mason Blake - JamBase Lead Engineer
1. The Slip (Vaudeville Saturday night)
2. Nathan Moore (solo on the main stage)
3. Everest

Jake Krolick - JamBase Writer/Photographer
1. The tweener set by Nathan Moore and Big Light - It was quick but that "Mañana" was so sugary!
2. Surprise Me Mr. Davis - Nathan's a long lost Barr Brother with some magician's blood.
3. The Kick Ball Jam with Vince Herman tied with Paper Bird's Saturday set.

Josh Miller - JamBase Photographer

Dr. Dog :: HSMF 2009 by Miller
1. Dr. Dog/Tea Leaf Green late night
2. Ali Farka Touré/Fareed Haque Music Hall
3. Big Light's debut main stage at HSMF!

Benjy Eisen - AOL Music (Spinner.com)/Relix's Cold Turkey
1. The Disco Biscuits (Sunday night, grandstand set)
2. Surprise Me Mr. Davis (Friday late night)
3. Pretty Lights - Vaudeville tent

Ted Kartzman - IODA/Digital Playa
1. Dr. Dog on Thursday night - The Dog kicked off the late night in the Funk'n Jam with a bang, opening for TLG, and bringing their Beatles/Beach Boys classic rock foundations to mix in with their game show theme rock, creating something wholly unique and tighter than a left lane exit on I-76 in Philly. "Hang On" is still the best song going.
2. The Disco Biscuits to close out the Main Stage on Sunday night. Reminiscing about ten years gone since '99, we caught classics like "I-Man" and "Hot Air Balloon" mixed in with newer songs (and by newer, I mean slightly more recently than 10 years ago) like "Mirrors" and the addictive beep-boop of the "Great Abyss."
3. Andy Gadiel serenading all his favorite bands and friends at the cast party for High Sierra: The Musical, featuring a duet with Brad Barr on "To Us, To Truth, Tonight, To You" and other Nathan Moore songs plus the set closer, a seven song A-D-E mash-up medley with members of Surprise Me Mr. Davis, ALO, Tea Leaf Green and The Disco Biscuits. Ten years in the making on this one, and I will never ever forget it. During "Twist and Shout" when Andrew Barr broke into "La Bamba" and Andy was right with him on the guitar. So classic.

J Gibson - reapandsow

HSMF 2009 by Krolick
1. Big Light opening set on the main stage/Dr. Dog late night
2. Surprise Me Mr. Davis/The Slip - Every single piece of music they did
3. Red Cortez - Vaudeville tent/Everest - Big Meadow tent

Susan J. Weiand - Photographer
1. ALO grandstand
2. Bonerama late night Vaudeville
3. Galactic grandstand

Marshall Lamm - Promotions & Public Relations
1. Dr. Dog
2. Marco Benevento Trio Thursday afternoon
3. Everest

Laurence Freedman - East End Management
1. Red Cortez
2. These United States
3. Tie - Dusty Rhodes And The River Band/Surprise Me Mr. Davis/Big Light jam at Camp Harry

Scott Samuelson - Camp Harry Captain
1. Big Light > Nathan Moore > Surprise Me Mr. Davis at Camp Harry - This party, like High Sierra itself, just gets better every year!
2. Red Cortez Vaudeville set - Harley drags his guitar and microphone stand into the audience for an old Mexican drinking song. A new legendary High Sierra moment.
3. Everest Big Meadow set - Beautiful California country-rock sounds during a perfect High Sierra sunset!

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